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BUTCHER BABIES Release ‘Lilith’ Video

"Lilith", the new video from BUTCHER BABIES, can be seen below. The song is the title track of the band's third album, "Lilith", which will be released on October 27 via Century Media. The follow-up to 2015's "Take It Like A Man" was produced by Steve Evetts (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SEPULTURA, SUICIDE SILENCE) and marks the band's recording debut with new drummer, Chase Brickenden, who replaced Chris Warner last year. Pre-orders for "Lilith" are available now in both physical and digital formats. "Lilith" track listing: 01. Burn The Straw Man 02. Lilith 03. Headspin 04. Korova 05. #Iwokeuplikethis 06. The Huntsman 07. Controller 08. Oceana 09. Look What We've Done 10. Pomona (S**t Happens) 11. Underground And Overrated BUTCHER BABIES co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd stated about "Lilith": "After a year of writing and recording, we are thrilled with the growth and maturity of this album. Leading with our title track, 'Lilith', the artistic development within the band shines. "We worked with producer, Steve Evetts, to bring you the rawest form of BUTCHER BABIES. No Auto-Tune, a hundred percent real drums, real guitars, real bass, and an all-out BUTCHER BABIES assault on your senses. As we know in this industry, these standards are quickly replaced by machines and can eliminate what makes a band an actual band. "We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that each member of our team put in to create this masterpiece." BUTCHER BABIES co-vocalist Carla Harvey told Meltdown Of Detroit's WRIF radio station that the music on BUTCHER BABIES' upcoming disc "runs the gamut" from "great thrash metal" to "a little bit of '90s influence." She said: "We're singing, we're screaming and it's just a great, great album. I couldn't be prouder of it. I think there's four songs where we do predominantly singing on it. And normally that would scare even me, 'cause I'm, like, 'I'm a metal girl! I don't wanna be singing.' But it's so beautiful — it really is. So it's kind of ballady, but not too ballady. It's very dark, sensual — the lyrics are very sensual on this album." She continued: "I think we're bringing a little bit of the sexy back on this album that we kind of steered away from for a while. When we were building up our career, we wanted to be taken so seriously as metal chicks, so I think we kind of let those hindrances go a little bit and said, 'Let's just be us in all aspects of us' — from the metal to the sexy to everything else." Although there is a lot of variety on BUTCHER BABIES' upcoming effort, Carla is quick to point out that "I couldn't do an album with no thrash on it, 'cause that's my passion. I think my favorite song on the album is a completely ridiculous thrash metal song that you'll hear," she said. "It's just amazing. In fact, one line in the song is about my Corvette that is always broken down. I have a '75 Corvette, 'cause I'm a real Detroit girl with a real American car. The song has completely ridiculous lyrics, but it's so cool — total thrash." Carla said that BUTCHER BABIES next album will contain eleven songs, with an extra track for Japan. The disc's first single has "got a super-sexy rhythm to it," according to Harvey. "But everything is still… When you hear the album, you say, 'That's definitely BUTCHER BABIES.'" Regarding BUTCHER BABIES' collaboration with Evetts, Carla said: "He doesn't do any Auto-Tuning or any pitching or anything like that, so every note on this album is a hundred percent authentic. And it's really cool to be able to say that about an album nowadays, I think, because people are so used to hearing everything Auto-Tuned and touched up and fixed up. This album is exactly what we've always wanted to do — it's something passionate and raw — and we're all just over the moon for it." She added: "That's the one thing that we've always wanted to capture, because I think that we're a great live band, and when you're a good live band, you wanna capture that energy, and we finally found a producer that can help harness that live energy, actually, into the album." According to Carla, Chase's addition to BUTCHER BABIES contributed to the upcoming album being "just on another level." She explained: "He's just a great, great, great drummer with all kinds of new ideas, and we blend really well together. And we actually toured with Chase on our very first tour with OTEP years and years ago, so we're all old friends already and he just fit in seamlessly." Shepherd stated about the "Lilith" title and cover artwork, which can be seen below: "Historically, Lilith has become demonized as a representation of promiscuity and disobedience. We, however, see her as a positive figure. A symbol of autonomy, sexual equality, and full control over your own destiny. "Lilith is the supreme representation of the left-hand path woman: independent, having discarded the patriarchal yoke, and not afraid to use all the tools available to her, including her sexuality, to gain the most out of existence. The eels in the cover art represent sleek symbolism of new beginnings and adventure. "With this album, we have musically taken a leap through old boundaries and landed in new oceans. It is said that a the dream or visions of eels is confirmation that the path we currently lead is the right one. "In this new chapter of BUTCHER BABIES, we welcome evolution as we bare ourselves with 'Lilith'." Added Harvey: "When we were thinking of titles for our album, we wanted to find something that embodied sensuality, lust, danger and power. We kept going back to Lilith. We researched Lilith and her origins in different cultures and forms and knew that this figure, once feared but now a beautiful, symbolic middle finger to repression, would be a perfect representation of our album. "The cover art we created with our graphic artist perfectly pulls together the last year we've spent working on 'Lilith'. "I've always loved water themes and there is something terrifying yet calming about the deep sea; submersing yourself in it could be the death of you, yet at the same time it's cleansing and renewing. "With this album we dove in fully and drowned ourselves in emotion, sexuality and even turmoil, and let the two-headed beast we created has emerged even stronger." BUTCHER BABIES will support HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD on a U.S. tour which will kick off on October 1 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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LINKIN PARK has announced a special show in honor of its bandmate and friend, Chester Bennington. The one-night-only celebration will take place in Los Angeles, at the legendary Hollywood Bowl on Friday, October 27. The singular event marks the first...

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QUEENSRŸCHE Has Twelve Songs Written For Next Album

QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Michael Wilton recently spoke to Shut Up & Rock On about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's next studio album, which is tentatively due in early 2018. "After extensive touring, we've just been kind of doing sporadic touring this year," he said (hear audio below). "And everybody's writing and putting together songs and demos. We've got twelve [tracks] already that are with the producer right now, and he really likes 'em. And we're just gonna keep writing till we get a chance and get things started as far as pre-production, which should be very soon. We're in August right now, so I think, like, maybe in September or October, we should get [in the studio]. But we'd really like to get something out by next spring." Helming QUEENSRŸCHE's next record once again will be Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who previously worked on 2015's "Condition Hüman". The upcoming disc will be QUEENSRŸCHE's third to feature former CRIMSON GLORY frontman Todd La Torre who joined the group in 2012. Wilton told United Rock Nations that the songs that he has written so far for QUEENSRŸCHE's next album "have a little more energy, a little more spunk to them. But, you know, it's gonna be a good hard rock record," he said. "It's not gonna be too ethereal — although you never know. [Laughs] We have a couple of songs that are way out there — very experimental, very, dare I say, progressive. So we challenge ourselves." Wilton also spoke about QUEENSRŸCHE's decision to re-team Harris on the upcoming album. Harris has previously worked with ROB ZOMBIE, HATEBREED and SANCTUARY, among many others. "It's a good working relationship," the guitarist said. "We've only used him once, so we haven't gotten to that point where we're burnt out on each other. And he's available — that's a big thing. And we trust his judgment — he knows us, he knows our personalities. So, in a sense, it's almost like a continuation. We can hardly wait to get working with him again." "Condition Hüman" debuted at No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart, having shifted 14,000 equivalent album units in the week ending October 8, 2015. KAMELOT's Casey Grillo made his live debut with with QUEENSRŸCHE on April 1 at Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California. He is filling in for regular QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield, who is taking time off from the band's touring activities to spend time with his newborn son, appropriately named Rockson.

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MACHINE HEAD To Release ‘Catharsis’ Album In January; North American Tour Announced

San Francisco Bay Area metal titans MACHINE HEAD have announced the first U.S. tour dates of their world tour in support of their upcoming album, "Catharsis". Vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn states: "It's been far too long since we've demolished venues in America. "We have had an awesome and productive break writing our new album, 'Catharsis', but now it's time for MACHINE HEAD to go melt some faces! "The reaction to our last 'Evening With' tours in America were nothing short of incredible, so once again these dates will be 'Evening With' and will see us performing two and a half to three hours every night with no opening bands. "We loved performing as an 'Evening With' for you Head Cases, and you guys loved it as well, the freedom to do whatever the fuck we wanted for as long as we wanted every night was liberating. It's not what everyone else is doing, and frankly, there are not a lot of bands who could even pull it off, but MACHINE HEAD can pull it off, and we are excited as fuck to do it again. We are carving our own path here, playing by our own rules, and as an artist, it's the best feeling in the world! "No festivals, period, no forty-five-minute slots, no supporting some stupid DJ, no parking lots in a rainstorm, The Head will only be 'headlining,' so come on down and rage!!" MACHINE HEAD's ninth full-length album, "Catharsis" was recorded with Zack Ohren (FALLUJAH, ALL SHALL PERISH) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California. A January 2018 release via Nuclear Blast is expected. North American "Catharsis" tour dates: Jan. 25 - Phoenix, AZ - Nile Theater Jan. 27 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater Jan. 29 - San Antonio, TX - Aztec Theater Jan. 30 - Dallas, TX - Gas Moneky Live! Jan. 31 - Houston,TX - HOB Feb. 02 - Birmingham, AL - Saturn Feb. 03 - Pensacola, FL - Vinyl MH Feb. 05 - Orlando, FL - Plaza Live Feb. 06 - Atlanta, GA - Centerstage Feb. 08 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts Feb. 09 - New York, NY - Playstation Feb. 10 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club Feb. 11 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda Feb. 13 - Toronto, ON - Danforth MH Feb. 14 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom Feb. 15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE Feb. 16 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Feb. 17 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Feb. 20 - Des Moines, IA - Woolys Feb. 21 - Madison, WI - Majestic Feb. 22 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue Feb. 23 - Chicago, IL - Concord MH Feb. 24 - Saint Louis, MO - Pops Feb. 27 - Denver, CO - Summit MH Mar. 01 - Las Vegas, NV - HOB Mar. 02 - Los Angeles, CA - Fonda Mar. 03 - Oakland, CA - The Fox Theater Mar. 05 - Portland, OR - Roseland Mar. 06 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore Mar. 07 - Seattle, WA - Showbox Market MACHINE HEAD's latest track, "Is There Anybody Out There?", cracked the Top 40 on the Active Rock chart in the United States in August 2016. It marked the first time any Nuclear Blast artist has entered what is widely considered to be the "official rock chart" for the United States, and only the the third time the band had charted in the Top 40 in their illustrious career. MACHINE HEAD last year wrapped up the tour cycle for its first Nuclear Blast Entertainment album, "Bloodstone & Diamonds", where the band toured for twenty months and performed a whopping two hundred and eighty-three concerts on five different continents around the world. Around two hundred and fifti of those shows were performed as "An Evening With MACHINE HEAD," with no support bands and performances often lasting two and a half to three hours. Three tours of the United States, three tours of Europe, (including multiple dates in Russia and Greece), shows in Mexico and South America, a completely sold-out run of nine Australian / New Zealand shows, sold-out dates in Japan,and their first-ever plays in Taiwan and Thailand, and all without any festival performances which the band publicly announced they would stop performing at in 2014. "Bloodstone & Diamonds" debuted at No. 21 on The Billboard 200 chart with 19,000 sold its first week.

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AEROSMITH: Unauthorized ‘In Full Flight’ Photo Book Coming In November

Wymer Publishing has set a November 30 release date for "Aerosmith In Full Flight", a pictorial document as seen through the lens of British photographer Tony Mottram. Tony photographed the band over many years for various magazines. As was often the...

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BLACK VEIL BRIDES Guitarist JAKE PITTS And Wife Launch AELONIA; Debut Single ‘The End’ Out Now

AELONIA, the band founded by BLACK VEIL BRIDES guitarist Jake Pitts and his wife Inna Logvin-Pitts, has released its debut single. The track, titled "The End", was produced, recorded and mixed by Jake and is now available on all the streaming services...

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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Video Footage Of Entire Moscow Concert

Fan-filmed video footage of CHILDREN OF BODOM's entire September 16 performance at at Yotaspace in Moscow, Russia can be seen below. CHILDREN OF BODOM is returning to the U.S. this fall for a mind-blowing celebration of twenty years since the release of the band's debut album, "Something Wild". The twenty-four-date tour will kick off on October 31 in Dallas, Texas with appearances at this year's Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, seven Canadian dates before concluding in Montreal on December 1. Joining the band on the momentous occasion are Dutch masters of horror CARACH ANGREN, Finnish thrashers LOST SOCIETY and New Jersey progressive, technical death metallers UNCURED. CHILDREN OF BODOM bassist Henkka Seppälä (a.k.a. Henkka T. Blacksmith) told From Hero To Zero about how the music industry has changed from when he first joined the band in the mid-1990s to now: "Well, when we started… I joined the band in '94, and I was in the middle school still. Of course, the situation was different. It was just a hobby. We were playing in a garage and drinking beer and… it was just a hobby. In a way, it's difficult to… I hadn't experienced professional musicianship in the '90s, because… It really became professional for us [in the] early 2000s, so maybe ten, fifteen years ago. But ever since, yeah, it's changed a lot. The whole structure of income is totally different… not totally different, but quite different. I think it's interesting. Of course sometimes it feels a little bit scary that actual physical sales are going down, down, down, down… but then the Internet gives you so many opportunities, and you just have to be really creative to be able to do it. Creative, meaning marketing-wise and stuff. So I think it's very interesting times. And it's a fact that the vinyl sales are higher than ever. I think it's amazing that it's higher than in the '70s or '80s when [vinyl sales] were really big."

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LINKIN PARK’s MIKE SHINODA Promises ‘Announcements’ This Week

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of LINKIN PARK following the death last July of singer Chester Bennington, with the surviving band members saying little about it themselves. But co-vocalist Mike Shinoda posted his first Instagram message in more than two weeks on Saturday (September 16), writing, "Good morning. I'm on a bit of a social media diet. Watching not talking. Stay tuned for some announcements this week." Bennington took his own life at his Los Angeles-area home on July 20. According to The Pulse Of Radio, it's assumed that some of the announcements Shinoda mentioned will have to do with the public event the band is planning to honor Bennington in Los Angeles. There has been no indication whether the group intends to continue making music and performing live, although another recent message posted by the band thanked fans for their support as they "build the future of LINKIN PARK." Bennington's private funeral service took place on July 29 near his home in Palos Verdes, California. It was attended by five hundred guests, including members of all three bands he sang in: LINKIN PARK, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and DEAD BY SUNRISE. Eulogies were delivered by Shinoda and Joseph Hahn of LINKIN PARK and Ryan Shuck from DEAD BY SUNRISE. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' Robert and Dean DeLeo teamed with KINGS OF CHAOS drummer Matt Sorum, Damon Fox and Jimmy Gnecco to perform "Amazing Grace". Keepsakes from the service included programs and lanyards similar to the VIP passes handed out at LINKIN PARK concerts. LINKIN PARK canceled all plans for the immediate future, including a North American tour.

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Former GREAT WHITE Singer JACK RUSSELL Says Upcoming Documentary About Fatal Nightclub Fire Is ‘Very Cathartic’

Former GREAT WHITE singer Jack Russell, whose pyrotechnics ignited the deadly blaze on February 20, 2003 in Rhode Island, spoke to Psycho Babble TV about the upcoming documentary about the infamous fire that killed a hundred people and injured hundreds more. "There's a movie called 'The Guest List', which is due to be out next year," he said (see video below). "What it is is partly my life story, as a kid growing up, and then it goes off into the fire, unfortunately, and the aftermath of that, and testimonies… not testimony, but… talks by the victims and their families and how it affected them." Russell said that parts of the movie are especially hard for him to watch "because a lot of people blame me." He then corrected himself: "I wouldn't say a lot, but they're very vocal." Still, he said he understood why some believe he should be held accountable for what happened fifteen years ago. "I look at it like this: if it makes it easier for them to grieve the loss of somebody close to them, then my shoulders are big enough," he explained. The fire at The Station nightclub in West Warwick began in an overcrowded club when pyrotechnics from Russell's GREAT WHITE ignited illegal soundproofing foam lining the club's walls. "I've seen so many video tapes of pyro shooting off in that club with the foam — bigger stuff than we had — and it never happened," Jack said." Why it happened that night… Who knows? I mean, it's like a plane crash — it takes all these little things to fall in line for that one big thing to happen. So [the movie] gave me the opportunity to talk about how I felt and for me to apologize. Not a guilty apology, but because I just… "I mean, I feel horrible that it happened," he continued. "I lost a lot of friends that night — a lot of friends. People that I didn't even know were even there. And people have said, 'Well, he's not remorseful.' And they've gotta understand, when all this went down, my legal team, they said, 'You cannot ever say you're sorry, because it implies guilt.' And I'm, like, 'But I am sorry.' [And they told me], 'But you can't say it.'" According to Russell, at least one "really beautiful" thing came out of the tragedy. "There was a man named Joe; they call him 'The Lizard Man,'" Jack said. "He was the worst, most badly burned of all the people. And he met his wife in the fire and they had a beautiful son. And his comment was, 'If this wouldn't have happened, I wouldn't have met the love of my life.'" The singer said that the documentary, which he hopes will help bring him some closure, is "really well done. The guy [making it]… He's done Disney movies. He's actually from that town. So he had to be really unbiased, which he really was — he just told it. And it's really, really informative, and it delves into people's lives." Russell added that he is "glad" the film was made. "It may not be the best thing in the world for me, but it's very cathartic," he said. Another project that is still in the works is Jack's autobiography, for which a release date has not yet been announced. "I've been very open my life and about the things I've done, good and bad," the singer said. "And the reason being was I hope that people can listen to my story and either not make the same mistakes, or realize that if they do that you can always turn yourself around. You can always say, 'You know what? This isn't the path I wanted to be on,' and you can change that path. So there is no hopelessness, there is no excuse for not living out your dreams. If you're not living your dreams, it's because you're not trying." At least one relative of a Station fire victim was angered by Russell's plan to make a documentary about the incident and discuss it in the upcoming book. "I think it's ruining all the positive strides that we're now making to heal here in Rhode Island," Jody King, whose brother Tracy was a bouncer at the Station, told the Associated Press in 2015. "If he wants to help, stay away, shut your mouth." Russell's bandmate Ty Longley (guitar) was one of the people who perished in The Station blaze, which became the fourth deadliest fire in U.S. history. In 2008, the band agreed to pay $1 million to survivors and families of the victims of the fire. GREAT WHITE guitarist Mark Kendall founded the band with Russell in 1982. At the time of the fire, the group that was on the road was called JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE. Kendall later said he was asked to join Russell and his solo band on the tour to help boost attendance.

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