New FOO FIGHTERS Album Will Feature ‘Biggest Pop Star In The World’

According to The Pulse Of Radio, FOO FIGHTERS mainman Dave Grohl revealed in an interview with BBC One that the band's just-announced new album, "Concrete And Gold", will feature a "bunch of guests," including some "that will really surprise you." Pressed further, Grohl added: "There's one who is probably the biggest pop star in the world and — I'm not kidding — sings backup on one of the heaviest songs on the record and we're not telling anybody who it is." Fans have been speculating online who the "biggest pop star" could be, with most agreeing on Adele. The British superstar has close ties with producer Greg Kurstin, who has not only produced her music but was behind the board for "Concrete And Gold". Grohl also spoke about the recording sessions in the interview, saying: "Without telling anybody, we've been in the studio for the last six months and we made the biggest-sounding FOO FIGHTERS record we've ever made." The FOO FIGHTERS frontman continued: "Honestly, I think it's going to take a lot of people by surprise. Every band says it's the best record they've ever made, but wait till you hear it. It's definitely the hugest thing we've ever done." "Concrete And Gold" will arrive on September 15. The first single and video, called "Run", is out now. FOO FIGHTERS will celebrate the release of the album with a fall North American tour. They kick it off on October 7 with Cal Jam 17, a full day's worth of music headlined by the FOO FIGHTERS and also including QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, CAGE THE ELEPHANT, Liam Gallagher, ROYAL BLOOD, THE STRUTS, THE KILLS and a dozen more acts. The rest of the tour begins on October 12 in Washington D.C. and will last through December. Tickets will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. local time on June 26.

Watch RATT’s Entire Concert In Peoria

Fan-filmed video footage of RATT's entire June 1 performance at Limelight Eventplex in Peoria, Illinois can be seen below. Featured songs: 01. Wanted Man (1:14) 02. I'm Insane (5:15) 03. Dangerous But Worth The Risk (8:42) 04. You Think You're Tough (12:33) 05. Walkin' The Dog (17:00) 06. Way Cool Jr. (20:23) 07. In Your Direction (25:54) 08. Lovin' You's A Dirty Job (28:47) 09. Slip Of The Lip (34:00) 10. Nobody Rides For Free (38:50) 11. Lack Of Communication (43:58) 12. Lay It Down (48:51) 13. You're In Love (52:39) 14. Body Talk (57:17) 15. Back For More (1:01:56) 16. Round And Round (1:08:17) The reunited RATT, featuring three members of the band's classic lineup — singer Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini — has played several shows so far this year after reforming in 2016 in the midst of a highly publiced legal battle with drummer Bobby Blotzer over the rights to the RATT name. They were joined at the gigs by former QUIET RIOT guitarist Carlos Cavazo, who played on RATT's last studio album, 2010's "Infestation", and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who previously played with Y&T, WHITE LION and MEGADETH, among others. Asked by Nivens of the 98.9 The Rock radio station at the Rockfest at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City if fans can expect to see a new RATT album in 2018, Juan said: "Look, right now, we're just glad to be out there working again and moving forward. And, really, not to promise too much or… You know what I mean?" After DeMartini teasingly pointed out to Croucier that "the question was about a new record," the bassist explained: "That's exactly what I'm referencing." Pearcy, for his part, was more direct in his response, telling the station: "I would love to get that done, actually. I would." RATT also spoke about how the band has been received by the fans since the group's core trio reunited in 2016 after a two-year hiatus during which Blotzer attempted to launch his version of RATT without any other original members. Stephen said: "Oh, [the fans are] going… they're crazy. Or, as Ozzy [Osbourne] would say, fucking crazy." Juan added: "It's been going really well. And the band is playing really well, so it's sort of a nice level to see… as far as the performance… And it's really consistent. So it's been going great." Pearcy told rock journalist Mitch Lafon earlier this year that RATT wanted the follow-up to "Infestation" to be to "something special." He explained: "We want it to be brilliant, and we're gonna take the time and effort to do it," he said. "We just don't wanna go out there and… I mean, of course, we're gonna go out there and play the hits and do what we do, but at the end of the year, we wanna start on the record. It's part of the plan of us getting together in the first place — the three of us [me, Warren and Juan] — and going through the mess that we did to protect this entity, and to step up and finally say, 'Okay, this is big-rock time. This is 'stop the bullshit,' all this nonsense that's going on.' So, you know, expect the best." Last November, a California judge ruled against Blotzer with respect to whether Croucier had committed trademark infringement by using the RATT name and logo to advertise his band RATT'S JUAN CROUCIER back in the fall 2015. The judge furthermore decided that the corporation WBS, Inc. — of which Blotzer and DeMartini were thought to be the sole shareholders — did not have ownership interest in the RATT marks and that the name and brand was still owned by the members who were part of the original RATT partnership agreement. In addition to claiming to have expelled Blotzer from the partnership following the latest court ruling, DeMartini, Croucier and singer Stephen Pearcy said that Blotzer could now only refer to himself as a "former member of RATT," as per the partnership agreement.

AC/DC’s ANGUS YOUNG Joins GUNS N’ ROSES On Stage In Hannover, Germany (Video)

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young made a guest appearance with GUNS N' ROSES earlier tonight (Thursday, June 22) in Hannover, Germany during the European leg of the latter band's "Not In This Lifetime" tour. Young joined GUNS to perform the AC/DC classic "Whole Lotta Rosie". Young previously played with GUNS N' ROSES at two shows in Sydney, Australia in February. He also jumped on stage with the group in April 2016 at the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival to perform the AC/DC classics "Riff Raff" and "Whole Lotta Rosie". GUNS N' ROSES lead singer Axl Rose did a string of European and North American concerts with AC/DC in 2016, mostly to fan and critical acclaim. It is unknown whether Rose will continue singing with AC/DC. The band's future remains in doubt after the band completed its world tour in support of 2014's "Rock Or Bust", a cycle that saw a massive turnover in the group's personnel. Sole original member Angus Young has not yet indicated whether the group will continue recording and touring. In March 2016, AC/DC's singer of 35 years, Brian Johnson, had to leave the band's North American tour after doctors told him he might lose his hearing, while 40-year bassist Cliff Williams announced his retirement at the rescheduled trek's conclusion. The lineup that completed the tour consisted of Williams, Angus Young, Rose, Chris Slade on drums and Angus's nephew Stevie Young on guitar. GUNS will come back to North America for at least another 15 stadium dates this summer, starting on July 27 in St. Louis and ending on September 8 in San Antonio.

Whole Lotta Rosie with Angus Young LIVE in Hannover

Posted by Guns N' Roses on Thursday, June 22, 2017

GHOST Leader Says IRON MAIDEN Fans ‘Have Been Overwhelmingly Accepting’ Of His Band

In a brand new interview with Free Press Houston, GHOST lead singer and founder Tobias Forge — who performs as Papa Emeritus and does the act's interviews disguised as a member of his backing band of Nameless Ghouls — spoke about the experience of touring the United States with IRON MAIDEN. Asked how the first few shows have gone for GHOST, Forge said: "Amazingly well. I mean, coming on to a tour as support is very hard to predict; you can't expect a lot of things. You can expect things from a practical point of view, like whatever you agree upon. But from a crowd point of view, you have to go in with a very, very open mind, especially with established and iconic bands like IRON MAIDEN. People are there to watch them, you know? You just have to make the best out of it. "I must say that, a couple of shows down, they have been overwhelmingly accepting," he continued. "Enormous responses from the crowd. If we don't have them by the first 5 to 15 minutes, we definitely have them within the last 10, so I see that as a good sign. But you know, it differs when you go to different areas. A lot of the cities that we're playing we've played several times on our own over the years. We've gone from venues that hold 500 up to 3,000 on our own, so I guess we're not entirely unknown. But there is a difference between a few thousand people and 20,000." Asked if GHOST has had to change up its show when it plays large venues or massive festivals, being such a theatrical group, Forge said: "Well, if you're going to a show that we're providing support for, or a large festival, you're obviously going to see a condensed version. We have to shave off some fat from the show, so we have to stick to the so-called 'bangers.' But yeah, I think especially for these shows, we include the most important things about a GHOST show. Papa will come out, look very dapper, and we'll play our significant songs. We make the best out of the 45 minutes we're playing. That's it, really. Most of the time we do that we come back a year or so later and do a full GHOST show. Every time we've done one so far it's been bigger and bigger, so even if it's more fun to do your own thing entirely, the tour has been going very well. We've been treated very well. That's what you need to do to become a bigger and better band. It's part of the job. We love playing, and we're having a lot of fun." Forge recently officially revealed his identity while responding to a lawsuit filed by four former members of GHOST, who accused him of cheating them out of their rightful share of the profits from the group's album releases and world tours. In his court documents, Forge — who had previously played in several other rock bands, including REPUGNANT, CRASHDIET, SUBVISION, MAGNA CARTA CARTEL and SUPERIOR — took credit for developing GHOST's image and stage show and blamed his ex-bandmates for "destroying the mystery" surrounding the group by lifting the lid on GHOST's business dealings. GHOST is known for its eccentric performances and is composed of six members easily recognized for their satanic attires. Five men who call themselves as Nameless Ghouls play the instruments while the lead vocalist is known as Papa Emeritus. The Nameless Ghouls who are wearing identical devil masks and costumes represent the five instrumentalities or elements (fire, water, air, earth and aether or quintessence) while their leader Papa Emeritus represents the group's anti-pope symbol.

IN THIS MOMENT Singer Explains Decision To Cover PHIL COLLINS’s ‘In The Air Tonight’

WNOR FM99 radio station recently conducted an interview with IN THIS MOMENT singer Maria Brink. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On the theme of IN THIS MOMENT's new album, "Ritual": Maria: "The new album is definitely dark. I've got a lot of darkness in me. Some people go to the gym and some people have different ways that they express themselves, and I do all mine through my music. Instead of yelling and screaming or losing myself all the time, I release everything in my music, and that's kind of how I expel my demons, as you would say. So I think there's definitely some dark colors, but it definitely has an inspirational overall energy to it. 'Cause I think that's always important to… even though, if there is darkness, to kind of have light at the end of the tunnel. We've always kind of been passionate about that for our fans." On IN THIS MOMENT guitarist Chris Howorth recent statement that "Ritual" is more "raw" and "stripped down" than some of the band's previous records: Maria: "Yeah, it's definitely a more organic [record]. I love being theatrical, we love electronics in our music, and we're not afraid to put electronics on my voice and do all these fun things. I guess we wanted to show a more organic kind of… If you were to strip a lot of those things away, what would be underneath it all, kind of album. And that's what this album is. It's a lot more organic and raw. "I'm always striving to do something new, and I think I'm just maturing as a woman, and different points of view happen. You're always evolving and changing, so I just don't like to do the same album over and over. And I was going through this independent kind of spiritual journey, and I just figured I might as well bring everyone else on it with me on this album." On IN THIS MOMENT's decision to cover the PHIL COLLINS classic "In The Air Tonight" on "Ritual": Maria: "Honestly, that's one of my all-time favorite songs, since I was a little girl. It's such a… Oh my God! It's just so haunting and powerful and dark and captivating. And I've been trying to cover that song forever; we just couldn't quite figure out where and when. So this time we just took a little attempt at it. It's a hard song to even attempt to cover, 'cause all by itself, it's so awesome and it's scary to try to do something to a song that's already perfect. So we just try to do our own individual expression of it, because I feel like you can't make theirs better. [It's] just a different version, a different take, our point of view, and I think it's a real special song on the album. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. It makes me feel all these different feelings." "Ritual" will be released on Friday, July 21. The group's sixth studio effort will be released by Atlantic Records in partnership with Roadrunner Records and is available for pre-order now. Produced by longtime collaborator — and multiple Grammy Award nominee — Kevin Churko (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, OZZY OSBOURNE), "Ritual" includes the song "Black Wedding", which is described in a press release as "a walk down the aisle of musical madness" that sees lead Brink sharing the mic with legendary JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford.


Former MÖTLEY CRÜE and current THE DEAD DAISIES singer John Corabi who had a seven-year stint (2001-2008) as the rhythm guitarist in RATT, has once again commented on the ongoing legal battle between drummer Bobby Blotzer and other members of RATT's classic lineup — singer Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini — over the rights to the group's name. Speaking to music writer Joel Gausten, Corabi said: "Listen, I love Warren and Stephen. I've never really worked with Juan and Carlos [Cavazo, current RATT guitarist] before, but I worked with Warren, Stephen and Bobby. Each one of those guys is his own animal. I love them to death, but you've got to kind of figure out how to play each one of them or know how to communicate with each one." He continued: "Honestly, as much as I love those guys, they've always been dysfunctional — always. If Warren would say to Bobby, 'Hey, the song is too fast,' Bobby would say, 'Go fuck yourself! I've been playing it this way for 25 years; I know what I'm talking about.' "If I can be frank, the minute they got their record deal with Roadrunner [for 2010's 'Infestation' album] — and you can ask [former RATT bassist] Robbie Crane or anybody who was involved with the band — and said, 'Hey, we're doing a record! We signed the deal; it's on,' I told them I quit! [Laughs] [I said], 'I can't get through a fucking rehearsal with you guys, let alone eight months writing and recording. No!' I can't picture doing it. It would be like performing brain surgery on yourself through your asshole. I just said I wasn't interested." Corabi added: "I don't know; I don't see any settling [of] that whole debate. I don't think that Bobby deserves the name; if anything, it does belong more to Warren, Stephen and Juan — at least they've got more original members than Blotzer's take… Until they figure out how to talk to each other reasonably, I don't see any bright future for that thing at all." RATT — featuring DeMartini, Pearcy and Croucier — has played several shows so far this year after reforming in 2016 in the midst of a highly publiced legal battle with Blotzer over the rights to the RATT name. They were joined at the gigs by former QUIET RIOT guitarist Carlos Cavazo, who played on RATT's last studio album, 2010's "Infestation", and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who previously played with Y&T, WHITE LION and MEGADETH, among others. Last November, a California judge ruled against Blotzer with respect to whether Croucier had committed trademark infringement by using the RATT name and logo to advertise his band RATT'S JUAN CROUCIER back in the fall 2015. The judge furthermore decided that the corporation WBS, Inc. — of which Blotzer and DeMartini were thought to be the sole shareholders — did not have ownership interest in the RATT marks and that the name and brand was still owned by the members who were part of the original RATT partnership agreement. In addition to claiming to have expelled Blotzer from the partnership following the latest court ruling, DeMartini, Croucier and singer Stephen Pearcy said that Blotzer could now only refer to himself as a "former member of RATT," as per the partnership agreement.

METALLICA: Pro-Shot Footage Of ‘Battery’ Performance From Chicago

Professionally filmed video footage of METALLICA performing the song "Battery" on June 18 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois can be seen below. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band is touring in support of its tenth studio album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", which came out last November, eight years after "Death Magnetic". METALLICA is currently on a short break from its first North American tour in more than seven years, which resumes on July 5 in Orlando, Florida. This tour marks the first time that METALLICA has offered "enhanced" or "VIP" experiences for fans, with some willing to cough up as much as $2,500 for personal meetings, photos and autographs from the group. Support on the quartet's first North American trek since 2009 is coming mainly from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and VOLBEAT, with GOJIRA taking over for the latter group for the last six shows. "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" was certified platinum on April 12 by the RIAA (Recording Association Of America). The platinum certification reflects a million equivalent album units, which blends traditional album sales, tracks sold from an album and on-demand audio and video streams. The recent gain in "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" sales is owed mostly to a concert ticket/album bundle sale redemption promotion with the band's stadium tour that went on sale on February 17. Redemptions of albums included with the purchase of a concert ticket register as a sale in the week the customer redeems/receives the album.

I AM MORBID Feat. Former MORBID ANGEL Members: Video Of Entire Thessaloniki Concert

Industry Kills has uploaded video footage of I AM MORBID — the new band featuring former MORBID ANGEL members David Vincent (vocals, bass) and Tim Yeung (drums) alongside guitarists Bill Hudson (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) and Ira Black (METAL CHURCH, LIZZY BORDEN) — performing on June 13 at Eightball in Thessaloniki, Greece. Check it out below. The group's setlist was as follows: 01. Immortal Rites 02. Fall From Grace 03. Visions From The Dark Side 04. Blessed Are The Sick 05. Day Of Suffering 06. Rapture 07. Pain Divine 08. Sworn To The Black 09. Eyes To See, Ears To Hear 10. I Am Morbid 11. Maze Of Torment 12. Guitar Duel 13. Dominate 14. Where The Slime Live 15. Dawn Of The Angry 16. Blood On My Hands 17. God Of Emptiness 18. World Of Shit (The Promised Land) I AM MORBID, which plays material from MORBID ANGEL's "Altars Of Madness" (1989), "Blessed Are The Sick" (1991), "Covenant" (1993) and "Domination" (1995) albums, is performing five shows in Russia in late May, followed by fourteen dates in the rest of Europe. The tour, which is presented by The Flaming Arts Agency, features NECROPHAGIA as direct support. Vincent recently told Ghost Cult about I AM MORBID: "It's been discussed off and on for a few years now, but, as they say, actions speak louder than words. While it was exciting to discuss, it was held off for a few years until I decided to go through some personal changes in my life, and really absorb the possibility of it happening. I went ahead and focused on my roots music, but this kept lingering, and now it's time for I AM MORBID to finally happen." Regarding the I AM MORBID setlist, Vincent said: "Like everything I do, I want to make this special. This is very different from MORBID ANGEL. If you want to see a MORBID ANGEL show, you know where to go, but this isn't it. I'm only going to be performing songs that I wrote on this tour. If I didn't write it, we aren't playing it. We are going to throw in things, here or there, to make things more unique, but it's going to be one brutal show. I can promise you that." MORBID ANGEL's controversial 2011 album, "Illud Divinum Insanus", marked the group's first CD to feature Vincent since "Domination". The band recently recorded a new studio album with a lineup that includes Steve Tucker on bass/vocals, Scott Fuller (ANNIHILATED, ERRORGEIST) on drums, and Dan Vadim Von (guitarist/frontman of the American death metal group VADIMVON) on second guitar.

No, ROCK AM RING Festival Evacuation Wasn’t Triggered By Spelling Mistake

Although a number of media outlets reported last week that the Rock Am Ring festival's evacuation earlier in the month was caused a spelling mistake, police later emphasized that this wasn't the case, and that it had concrete reasons to suspend the German music festival. According to Pollstar, police had come across three suspects during a routine check, which led to searches prior to Rock Am Ring. During those searches, Rock Am Ring wristbands were found on two suspects, whose names did not match the employees list of promoter Live Nation but were reportedly similar. On June 2, the Rock Am Ring's opening night, police asked organizers to evacuate the 87,000 festival-goers. The festival, which has been running since 1985 and is the biggest in Germany, resumed early the next morning. "The names of the suspects were written incorrectly, but they exhibited a phonetic similarity to the actual names," Johannes Kunz, chief of police in Rhineland-Palatinate, told the Allgemeine Zeitung. "At the time, the situation was very serious — we couldn't rule out that an attack was being prepared." A misleading police statement made it appear that the simple spelling error led authorities to believe radical islamists were threatening the festival, but this wasn't the case. "It wasn't a spelling mistake that led to the evacuation of the festival site. Actual connections of one festival employee to the Islamic realm were indeed the reason," a more recent police statement reads. Police have since urged organizers to "provide personal documents ahead of time" in future. The organizers announced last month that backpacks would be prohibited at this year's Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park following the "horrendous attack in Manchester." As was the case with last year's Wacken Open Air, the German sister festivals are rucksack-free zones this summer, with keys, wallets, mobile phones and bum bags/fanny packs the only personal items allowed into the main festival arena. This headliners of this year's Rock Am Ring festival included RAMMSTEIN and SYSTEM OF A DOWN.

BLIND GUARDIAN Frontman Says Fans Will Be Surprised By Next DEMONS & WIZARDS Album

BLIND GUARDIAN frontman Hansi Kürsch has confirmed that he and ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer are working on material for the long-awaited third album from their side project DEMONS & WIZARDS. DEMONS & WIZARDS was launched in 1997 and has released two full-length albums so far: 2000's self-titled effort and 2005's "Touched By The Crimson King". The latter was partially based on the "The Dark Tower" series of books (written by Stephen King) in which the Crimson King is the main antagonist. In a brand new interview with That Drummer Guy (a.k.a. Josh Rundquist), Kürsch revealed that songwriting sessions for the follow-up to "Touched By The Crimson King" have officially begun. "We exchanged first ideas," he said (hear audio below). "And we just had to make a stop in being creative for the moment because JonICED EARTH just started a new touring route; their [new] album ['Incorruptible'] has just been released last week, so he will be very for the rest of the year, while for me, it's more of a creative act which is first priority. But we are continuing exchanging ideas over the next, let's say, eight months, and then we will see how far we can get. But once he's finished with his touring for ICED EARTH, I'm pretty sure we will spend some very realistic and very valuable time together either finishing the songwriting of DEMONS & WIZARDS or even doing the whole production. That depends. Usually we're very quick once we're together. And it's just great to work with such a gifted person which I call a very, very close friend of mine." As for what fans can expect from the next DEMONS & WIZARDS album, Hansi said: "You will be surprised, I'm sure. These first two [songs] we've worked on, they are quite interesting. I'm really looking forward to spend some more time and getting deeper into the subject. Because even though ICED EARTH and BLIND GUARDIAN are quite similar in many ways, Jon and I are, songwriting-wise, different persons and by coincidence and pure luck and probably by friendship, the chemistry is pretty good once we are together. And what comes out is a blend of these two bands, which [one] would expect, but there's something more. And I like to go for this something more." Hansi also sounded very optimistic about the possibility of DEMONS & WIZARDS live performances in support of the upcoming album. He said: "That really depends on how fast we are with BLIND GUARDIAN, obviously, and how the schedules will be worked out. But it would be a shame not to do so, at least being on the road for a festival season and doing some smaller club shows, for example, just in between… There should be a gap, and we are working on this gap. It would be a waste not to do so." According to Kürsch, the main motivation for him and Schaffer to work on new DEMONS & WIZARDS material and prepare for possible live shows is "the need to do so and for the fun to do so. And this is always a very good starting point. We don't have to do it, there is no pressure behind us in doing so," he said. "Obviously, there can't be any pressure, because the last album is, I think, twelve years old already. And we just did some minimal touring for the first album and did not even do any proper touring for the second album. So I could imagine that just the performance will be so different from what either BLIND GUARDIAN or ICED EARTH is doing that this might attract a lot of people. I'm curious myself to figure out what we would come up with this time, because there's a long time between our last show which we played together, which is probably seventeen years ago, eighteen years. And we have to find the right people and the right moment, but the whole thing, once it is built up, will be, I think, very skillful." "Touched By The Crimson King" was released in Japan in September 2005 with the following bonus tracks: "Lunar Lament", "Wicked Witch" (slow version) and "Spatial Architects". The CD also included the "Terror Train" video. The disc featured an appearance by HALFORD and SEBASTIAN BACH drummer Bobby Jarzombek. Schaffer said in a 2009 interview that he felt "Touched By The Crimson King" was a bit rushed and he was determined to do things differently next time around. "We had this window of opportunity where we had to get it done and we kind of let time dictate the schedule instead of our feelings, and that was probably a mistake," he explained. "I mean, I'm proud of that record and it sold killer and it's a good album, but I think Hansi and I are capable of a lot more, especially when we get back to the root reasons of why we did this thing together." "Incorruptible" was released on June 16 via Century Media. The cover artwork for the disc (as well as additional illustrations to every song) was created by David Newman-Stump from Skeleton Crew Tattoo (pencil illustrations) and Roy Young (colors). BLIND GUARDIAN will release a new concert album titled "Live Beyond The Spheres" on July 7 as a 3-CD and 4-LP box via Nuclear Blast. The set will include material recorded at various shows during the band's European tour in 2015. It will contain old classics, new tracks as well as songs that were very rarely performed during BLIND GUARDIAN's live shows.