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TESTAMENT: Classic Albums To Be Reissued With New Artwork

Five classic albums from San Francisco Bay Area thrashers TESTAMENT will be re-released on November 17 via Nuclear Blast. Albums being reissued: * "Live At The Fillmore" (1995) * "Demonic" (1997) * "The Gathering" (1999) (remastered by Andy Sneap) *...

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Listen To Title Track Of SERENITY’s ‘Lionheart’ Album

Austrian symphonic metal masters SERENITY will release a brand new full-length album, "Lionheart", on October 27 via Napalm. The disc was mixed and mastered by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studios. Gyula Havancsák at Hjules Design And Illustrations created the fantastic album artwork, which can be seen below. The "Lionheart" title track can be streamed below. The band states: "'Lionheart' — the title track of our upcoming album — is a fast, deep melodic metal song with a slightly celtic influence! it's about war, pain but also hope — and one of our favourite tracks! So let's fight like a lion!" With a full grasp of stunning emotions and superior dramatic compositions these Austrian musicians are world class, already winners of the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2017. Their energy and joy of playing those fantastic power symphonic metal hymns can't be tamed. Heroic and heartfelt — it's almost impossible to not be carried away. Glorious melodies and the angelic voice of Georg Neuhauser join heavenly guitars and tremendous hooks! This is pure symphonic joy! "Lionheart" track listing: 01. Deus Lo Vult 02. United 03. Lionheart 04. Hero 05. Rising High 06. Heaven 07. King's Landing 08. Eternal Victory 09. Stand And Fight 10. The Fortress (Of Blood And Sand) 11. Empire 12. My Fantasy 13. The Final Crusade

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GLENN HUGHES Performs DEEP PURPLE Classics On Australian TV (Video)

On September 21, former DEEP PURPLE bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes and his solo band performed two of the band's classics on Australian TV. On the eve of his Australian tour, Glenn stormed through a short medley including "Smoke On The Water" and "Highway Star". Check out footage below. Hughes played his last concert with DEEP PURPLE on March 15, 1976, at Liverpool's Empire Theatre. On that night, the U.K. bassist and vocalist walked away from one of history's truly game-changing rock phenomena and never looked back… until now. Witness one of rock's greatest singers front a mighty handpicked band performing some of DEEP PURPLE's all-time greatest songs with epic rock concert production. Says Hughes: "Most PURPLE fans rank 'Burn' and 'Stormbringer' among the greatest albums the band ever made, in any incarnation. "Over that Mk III period, we were also performing Mk II classics like 'Smoke On The Water' and 'Highway Star' every night on massive world tours. "My lasting memories with DEEP PURPLE in Australia, was, of course, the Sunbury Music Festival in '75. After so much sunshine, came the rain — a little prophetic with us performing 'Stormbringer'. My God, the mud! What mayhem, but the crowds seemed to have a great time. We sure did. "I'm incredibly excited to get out there and play tracks like 'Burn', 'Mistreated', 'Stormbringer' and 'Getting Tighter', as well as some of those older songs that helped define the genre. With this band, I can assure you of a concert that’ll blow your mind." Joining Hughes for the shows are Jeff Kollman (guitar), Lachy Doley (keyboards) and Pontus Engborg (drums). With one of the heaviest repertoires known to rock, and sound and lighting production values befitting the legend, Glenn Hughes' "Classic Deep Purple" shows are destined to write a new page in rock history. Remaining tour dates: Sep. 24 - Perth Concert Hall - Perth, Australia Sep. 26 - Horncastle Arena - Christchurch, New Zealand Sep. 27 - Michael Fowler Centre - Wellington, New Zealand Sep. 29 - Hamer Hall - Melbourne, Australia Oct. 01 - Qpac Concert Hall - Brisbane, Australia Oct. 03 - ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre - Auckland, New Zealand For more information and pre-sale tickets, visit

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OTHERWISE Releases Video For ‘Angry Heart’

"Angry Heart", the new video from Las Vegas rockers OTHERWISE, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's third full-length album, "Sleeping Lions", which is being released today (Friday, September 22) via Century Media. The conceptual clip is a dynamic, new look visually for the band, as they all acted in this full, intriguing storyline scenario. OTHERWISE vocalist Adrian Patrick states: "The concept for the video of 'Angry Heart' is specifically constructed around the lyric line: 'So who is all bite and who is all bark? The Wolf of Light or the Wolf of Dark?' "I gave our director, Mike Watts, some insight into my own struggles with anger and alcohol, and trying to find a balance between my new life as a family man and my lifelong musical mission. He devised this brilliant, provocative storyline that serves as an analogy for my inner battles... Do I follow the overwhelming love for my family and give up on the fire of my passion, or vice versa? Having the entire band act in the video itself helped to capture the authenticity of our plight. The video is a powerfully honest piece and it feels good to be so proud of it." Adrian adds: "The initial spark for 'Angry Heart' took place on a cross-country flight from New York to L.A. I was watching UFC on the in-flight entertainment and the fighter, Cyborg, was giving an interview in which she basically said, 'I am a pretty nice person outside of the ring. I don't know why I fight with such an angry heart.' Upon landing on the West Coast, I told my brother about what she said and the lyrics just flowed out of me, like a molten poem of rage. For whatever reason, be it how our father raised us to fight for what we believe in, we completely related to Cyborg's statement. "Personally, I've always felt like I was waging some kind of spiritual war, but I didn't know why, until my sons were born. Those two beautiful boys have utterly redefined the 'good fight' for me. Anger is a gift, if utilized properly, and we plan to somehow make the world a slightly better place by using that righteous fire for positive goals." You'd be hard pressed to find a more fitting album title than "Sleeping Lions" for latest studio release from OTHERWISE. The album hits like a revelation, jolting the listener upright and transporting them from a dreamy landscape to a wide-eyed state of consciousness textured by humility and sandblasted by the winds that weather life. "We named the album 'Sleeping Lions' because that's what we feel like - we've been hibernating in our neon desert cave, licking our wounds and regaining our strength for the hunt," says Adrian, who along with guitarist Ryan Patrick, form one of the most incendiary sibling duos in modern music. "Now we're back on the prowl again, and our eyes are wide open. The album title absolutely references a bigger awareness of who we are and what we're capable of. The last thing you ever want to do is wake sleeping lions." The twelve-track epiphany runs an emotional gamut that juxtaposes the very nature of the recordings, "Angry Heart" flowing with the frontman's blistering vocal cadences as he "fills with hate" and "embraces the monster I'm becoming." As quickly as it boils over, the rage subsides on "Blame", one of the most sensitive statements of the band's career. "If it makes it better for you, just blame it all on me," the frontman pines, bleeding into the emotional effervescence of "Bloodline Lullaby", a heart-wrenching ballad of epic proportions. OTHERWISE is a band built on emotion and fueled by the feelings that drive our lives. Anger. Regret. Love. This isn't packaged rebellion, it's the real world. And it's what makes the band — and album — connect at such a visceral level. "Emotion is the most important element of our writing process," Adrian says. "We try to capture every aspect of the human condition so the subject matter of our songs runs the gauntlet of what it means to be alive. Every lyric comes from a very genuine and heartfelt place. There are no fictional storylines or tough-guy rhetoric in any of our tunes." One of the album's more mature musical excursions, "Monster" takes flight in a flurry of programmed embellishments and supple guitar play, an unbridled reminder of the relationship that destroys us all but we just can't bring ourselves to leave. The risks continue on "Nothing To Me", where the symphonic grandeur boils over amidst emotional disrepair, and "Suffer", where the guitars jangle more than mangle, conveying a melodic appreciation that far outweighs a more pedestrian quest for being heavy. "As artists, evolution is the lifeblood of creativity," continues the singer. "We spread our musical wings a bit more on this album in a concerted effort to remain true to ourselves and not conform to what others expect of us. Rock and roll is all about taking risks, and that's what we do best. If we were forced to stagnate or remain trapped in the same stylistic box, the fire inside us would burn itself out." One can confidently call "Sleeping Lions" the most mature chapter of OTHERWISE's impressive volume of work, but don't mistake mature for soft in the middle. Quite the contrary, the band's evolution is poignant both musically and lyrically, and they steer clear of the awkward growing pains that so many other bands endure. That's a bold statement when talking about a band whose had four singles crack the Top 20 at Active Rock radio — "Soldiers", "I Don't Apologize (1000 Pictures)", "Darker Side Of The Moon" and "Coming For The Throne" — seen "Soldiers" alone surpass eight million streams on Spotify, toured alongside such heavy hitters as STONE SOUR and PAPA ROACH, and shared festival stages on land and sea, appearing anywhere from Rock On The Range to Shiprocked, and everywhere in between. "Both 'Weapons' and 'Sleeping Lions' are special to us on several levels," the singer continues, pointing out a few of his favorite tracks. "Not only were they co-written with two of our idols, but 'Weapons' can absolutely be considered social commentary and 'Sleeping Lions' is basically our protest song. Album closer 'Bloodline Lullaby' serves as a tribute and legacy for our family, while the bonus track 'Won't Stop' is an anthem for our better angels... We try to infuse a sense of hope into all of our songs, regardless of how angry or sad or introspective they may seem. It's always an intentional goal of ours, to leave everyone, including ourselves, with a feeling of empowerment. We are eternally seeking the light through the darkness."

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WINDS OF PLAGUE To Release ‘Blood Of My Enemy’ Album In October; ‘Never Alone’ Video Available

Los Angeles metal titans WINDS OF PLAGUE have debuted an all-new music video today for their brand new track "Never Alone". Directed by Orie McGinness, this is the first bit of music we're hearing from the band from their upcoming LP, "Blood Of My Enemy", which will be released on October 27 via Entertainment One Music (eOne) / Good Fight Music. "'Never Alone' was actually one of the first songs written for this record and immediately became the balance point for the remaining songs that were to be written," says vocalist Johnny Plague. "It's not the heaviest song of the record and it isn't the most melodic song of the record. "I wanted this to be the first taste of the new album because I feel it best represents the new music showcasing both the dark symphonic arrangements and the vast range of vocal styles used on the record." He continues: "I have always used WINDS OF PLAGUE music videos as an opportunity to create cinematic shorts. 'Never Alone' is no different. "We partnered with Enlighten Creative Studios to tell the story of a misunderstood woman who has harnessed her inner demons to her advantage. "I design and produce haunted attractions for my career, so it's always fun when I can bring my two worlds together to create these videos." "Blood Of My Enemy" is the follow-up to the "Resistance" LP, which was released in 2013. "Never Alone" is available as an iTunes instant gratification track. Fans who pre-order the LP on iTunes will get the track as an instant download. "Never Alone" is also available on all streaming platforms starting today. Johnny states: "Over a year ago, I started making weekly trips up to a small apartment in North Hollywood on my days off to work on music for WINDS OF PLAGUE with Noah Sebastian from BAD OMENS. It was strange at first since past WINDS OF PLAGUE records were worked on in larger recording studios or rehearsal spaces and now here I am sitting on the floor of this bedroom working on record number six." He continues: "Although it was different and humbling, it proved to be the unedited creative environment we needed for this record. We had no time limits, no 'suits' giving their input. It was just a few friends sitting in a room together, having a good time creating music. Something I haven't been able to experience in a very long time. "Sometimes to move forward you have to take a few steps back. "I can confidently say this is the most satisfied I have been with a WINDS OF PLAGUE record. I feel producers Noah Sebastian and Joakim Karlsson have helped us to further develop our unique approach to symphonic deathcore with distinct epic orchestral-backed choruses walking the fine line of brutal and melodic." WINDS OF PLAGUE teamed up with artist Pär Olofsson to create the stunning cover art seen below. Says Johnny: "'Blood Of My Enemy" takes us back to the iconic samurai theme. The imagery is inspired by a lyric from the title track, "I will give my life on the battlefield, drowning in the blood of my enemy," which represents to me a 'I will fight to the end' state of mind. Pär Olofsson brilliantly portrays the aftermath of an epic war showing an almost celestial spark of life amongst the carnage." WINDS OF PLAGUE will support SUICIDE SILENCE on the "10 Year Anniversary of The Cleansing" tour for a handful of dates in December. "Blood Of My Enemy" track listing: 01. A New Day 02. Nameless Walker 03. Kings Of Carnage 04. Soul Eater 05. From Failure, Comes Clarity 06. Blood Of My Enemy 07. Snakeskin 08. Never Alone 09. 5150 10. Either Way You Lose 11. A Walk Among The Dead 12. Dark Waters

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BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Unveils ‘Audio Video’ For ‘Wish You Were Here’ From ‘Winter Carols’ Re-Release

Ritchie Blackmore has been known worldwide for his guitar shredding in DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. He has also shown hints of his penchant for medieval music in both of those bands. That 18th and 19th Century love, though, has only truly come to the fore within the acoustic context of his "renaissance rock" project, BLACKMORE'S NIGHT. Together with his wife, award-winning vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Candice Night (often compared to Stevie Nicks and Karen Carpenter), BLACKMORE'S NIGHT is currently celebrating the band's twentieth anniversary. Passionate about the musical melodies and styles of the past, combined with their love for the spirit of the holiday season, they recorded "Winter Carols" to share with their fans, friends and BLACKMORE'S NIGHT families. "Winter Carols" is holiday music at its best, performed and sung as it was hundreds of years ago, when the peasants and royalty alike shared the jovial spirit of the holidays. For this very special re-release of their holiday album (out on digital formats on September 22, on CD October 13), BLACKMORE'S NIGHT included three brand new recordings of "Deck The Halls", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Oh Christmas Tree". Each song, arranged by Ritchie Blackmore, is lovingly filtered through the BLACKMORE'S NIGHT prism, given an eclectic renaissance touch topped with Candice Night's ethereal vocals. It's this love of renaissance-based and classical melodies that endears BLACKMORE'S NIGHT to hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Their unique genre is classified as "fantasy music for all ages." "The holiday season has always embodied joy, love, peace and togetherness," says Candice. "We are entranced by the magic of the season. The sentiments of the holidays are what we try to express in our music year round — so this CD is a natural progression. All the music we craft and create has always been about love, unity and friendship. These songs as a whole are beautiful unifying carols. Feel the warmth of friendship! Everyone can join in." "The origin of the word 'carol' means 'dance','" adds Ritchie. "I am naturally attracted to these melodies. As a kid, I would go from house to house during the holiday time and sing them just to earn some money. As an adult, I thought I could play them and make more money!" Track listing: 01. Deck The Halls 02. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 03. Oh Christmas Tree 04. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Come All Ye Faithful 05. I Saw Three Ships 06. Winter (Basse Dance) 07. Ding Dong Merrily On High 08. Ma-O-Tzur 09. Good King Wencesla 10. Lord Of The Dance/Simple Gifts 11. We Three Kings 12. Wish You Were Here 13. Emmanuel 14. Christmas Eve 15. We Wish You A Merry Christmas The official "audio video" for the song "Wish You Were Here" can be seen below.

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BRUCE DICKINSON Recalls Joining IRON MAIDEN In New Autobiography Excerpt

Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, will publish IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson's autobiography, "What Does This Button Do?", in the U.S. on October 31. An excerpt from the book, in which we pick up the story at the tail end of Bruce's time in SAMSON, heading into a rather important meeting at Reading festival, can be found at A promotional video for "What Does This Button Do?" is available below. Heavy metal pioneers since their formation in 1975, IRON MAIDEN have sold over ninety million albums and played over two thousand shows in sixty-three countries, making them one of the most successful and globally influential bands of all time. One of the world's most storied musicians, Dickinson has been the band's internationally acclaimed lead singer for more than thirty years, and quite aside from the decades spent delivering high-octane performances with his larger-than-life persona, Bruce has lived an extraordinary off-stage existence too. A true polymath, Bruce is, or has been, an airline pilot and captain, an aviation entrepreneur, a beer brewer, motivational speaker, film scriptwriter, twice-published novelist, radio presenter, TV actor and a world-class fencer. Over the last couple of years, and throughout MAIDEN's "The Book Of Souls" world tour, which has covered thirty-nine countries and one hundred and seventeen shows since February 2016, Bruce has turned his unbridled creativity to writing his memoirs, longhand (in seven A4 notebooks no less). In "What Does This Button Do?", Bruce (a man who famously never gives interviews about his personal life) shares, for the first time, the most fascinating recollections, including his thirty years with MAIDEN, the early days, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, going solo, realising his dream of flying jumbo jets and his recent battle with tongue cancer. Dickinson is so much more than the frontman of one of the biggest bands on the planet. A rock icon, a true renaissance man, Bruce has been, and remains, a man of legend. Bold, honest, intelligent and very entertaining, "What Does This Button Do?" is the long-awaited window into the life, heart and mind of one of our most adventurous and multifaceted sons. The global publication on October 19 will be accompanied with a commensurate international book tour. More details to come soon. Bruce said: "It was flattering to be approached to write a book about my experiences and it seems an appropriate time to do this." Publishing director Jack Fogg negotiated world rights with Adrian Sington at Kruger Cowne, Dave Daniel at Celebrity Speakers and MAIDEN's management, Phantom Music Management, and will publish in conjunction with Denise Oswald, senior editor at Dey Street in HarperCollins U.S. Fogg said: "There's no one like Bruce. Which other rock musician can fly a 747, or fence at an international level? He's a total one-off; engaging, funny, warm, self-deprecating — a British eccentric in its very best form. His book will be outstanding and I am so delighted we get to publish it and work with him." Oswald said: "Bruce Dickinson might quite literally be the world's most interesting man. He's a true Renaissance man, and being one of the greatest rock singers of all time is merely the beginning. His memoir, like his voice, is sure to set a new gold standard and we're thrilled to be working with him on it." Anette Ekström, MD HarperCollins Nordic, said: "We are so very pleased to be the publishing house for this exciting book! The Nordic countries have a steady fan base for heavy metal, and IRON MAIDEN in particular. Our aim is to publish the memoir in all four Nordic languages, as close to the English release as possible as we understand the fans will be anxious for it." The first print-run of the U.K. hardback will have black sprayed-edges and will be available to pre-order ahead of publication.

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SWEET & LYNCH Featuring MICHAEL SWEET, GEORGE LYNCH: Listen To ‘Bridge Of Broken Lies’ Song

The song "Bridge Of Broken Lies" from SWEET & LYNCH — the band featuring guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of STRYPER, legendary guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James LoMenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Brian Tichy (THE DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE) — can be streamed below. The track is taken from SWEET & LYNCH's sophomore album, "Unified", which will be released on November 10 via Frontiers Music Srl. Says Sweet: "George and I couldn't be more excited about this album! We've worked very hard to bring you the best of both worlds — a throwback of the chart-topping STRYPER/DOKKEN days yet with a modern production that fits right in with anything out there now in the rock world today. "We couldn't be more proud than to be working with Brian Tichy and James LoMenzo again as they are the best rhythm section you'll ever hear. "If you liked SWEET & LYNCH I, you're going to love 'Unified'." "Unified" track listing: 01. Promised Land 02. Walk 03. Afterlife 04. Make Your Mark 05. Tried & True 06. Unified 07. Find Your Way 08. Heart Of Fire 09. Bridge Of Broken Lies 10. Better Man 11. Live To Die Michael previously said that SWEET & LYNCH was formed when Frontiers president Serafino Perugino approached him "to sing and write for what [Serafino] was referring to as a 'supergroup' project — (one of the first) that Frontiers would be putting together and releasing. I was, of course, not only intrigued by the idea but also humbled that he would ask me! Jon Levin [DOKKEN] was suggested as the possible guitarist and I suggested to Serafino getting the man himself, Mr. Scary [George Lynch] involved. Serafino was, of course, excited about the idea. Frontiers has told me how happy they are with my production on the new STRYPER albums, so I immediately suggested producing as well. Serafino also agreed. I contacted George [as soon as possible] and he quickly agreed to be a part of this exciting project. It was decided that he and I would co-write everything together and that I would produce." Sweet, who is a devout Christian, also talked about his working relationship with George, who considers himself to be a freethinker/atheist. "You may ask how does an atheist and a Christian work together in a band situation? The answer is respect. Although I don't agree with George's spiritual/religious views (and he doesn't agree with mine, assumedly), we respect each other as musicians, friends and human beings. "I'm free to do many things with the hope that maybe, just maybe, my life might have a profound effect on people I come in contact with. "I've spoken with George many times over and he always strikes me as a genuine soul and someone who cares for and loves people. Bottom line? He's a great guy and I'm proud to be a part of this with George. "Although we don't see eye to eye in our beliefs, we respect each other enough to not let that come between us." Lynch concurred, telling Antihero Magazine: "There could potentially be a conflict there between Michael and I, and we've talked about that. I'm sort of a freethinking atheist, and he's a born-again Christian. I've been through that in my life; I was a born-again Christian at one point. I was the guy knocking on your door handing out tracks. I played in a Pentecostal charismatic band that did revivals… tent revivals in black neighborhoods in South Central L.A. — yeah, all kinds of stuff. I definitely have something to say about all that, but I don't know how effective I am at it. I'm not RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. I wish I was." SWEET & LYNCH's debut album, "Only To Rise", was released in January 2015 via Frontiers Music Srl.

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METALLICA: ‘WorldWired’ Rig Rundown

METALLICA has uploaded a nineteen-minute video in which guitar techs Chad Zaemisch and Justin Crew walk us through James Hetfield's and Kirk Hammett's "WorldWired" tour guitar rigs. Check out the clip below. The European leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" tour kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 2 and will run through November. After a break, the trek will pick up again on February 1, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, and continue through May, finishing up in Helsinki, Finland. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band is touring in support of its tenth studio album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct", which came out last November. Hammett told the 107.7 The Bone radio station in Augustthat the North American leg of "WorldWired", which kicked off on May 10 in Baltimore, Maryland, was "in-fucking-credible. We're constantly being blown away by just… Everywhere we go… 'Cause it's been a while since we've been in America doing a tour like this, and we were a little bit apprehensive: 'Are people gonna show up with the same enthusiasm that they did last time?'" he said. "But they certainly have, in droves, and then more so. I mean, people are showing their love more than ever for METALLICA, and it's great. And just as importantly, we seem to be reaching a lot of new fans who have never seen us before, and to us, that's fantastic."

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