Paul Stanley (KISS), Gene Simmons (KISS), David Coverdale (WHITESNAKE), Neal Schon (JOURNEY), Richie Faulkner (JUDAS PRIEST) and Flea (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) are among the rockers who have reacted on social media to the passing of Eddie Van Halen. The legendary VAN HALEN guitarist died Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at the age of 65. His death was confirmed on Instagram by his son, and VAN HALEN bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen.

According to TMZ, Eddie died at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. His wife, Janie, was by his side, along with Wolfgang, and Alex, Eddie‘s brother and VAN HALEN drummer.

The site reports that Eddie‘s ongoing health battle went massively downhill in the last 72 hours, with doctors discovering his cancer had moved to his brain as well as other organs.

There have been a lot of rumors regarding the VAN HALEN guitarist’s supposedly worsening health, with TMZ reporting recently that Van Halen has been traveling between the U.S. and Germany for cancer treatment going on several years now. The site later said that “the sad medical news had some folks thinking Eddie was on his death bed … but we’re told that’s anything but the case.”

Back in September 2019, singer David Lee Roth said that there were no plans for VAN HALEN to do anything for the foreseeable future. “I think VAN HALEN‘s finished and this is the next phase,” he said, referring to his solo project. “And that being said, Eddie‘s got his own story to tell. Not mine to tell it.”

Last October, Eddie stopped by a McLaren dealership in Beverly Hills and mingled with the sales team, taking pictures and even giving one fan a kiss. A few days later, he was photographed at a spinal neurosurgeon’s office in Beverly Hills.

Early last year, rumors were rampant that the classic-era lineup of VAN HALEN would reunite for the first time since 1984. It’s unclear why the tour didn’t happen, though there has been online chatter that a health setback involving Eddie Van Halen might have been responsible.

Last November, TMZ reported that Eddie spent several days in a hospital due to complications from his cancer treatment. Sources close to the legendary guitarist told the site he was admitted to the hospital with intestinal issues and abdominal pain, both the result of a bad reaction to the drugs Eddie was reportedly taking to battle throat cancer.


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There have been many big losses in the music world but few that just stop you in your tracks, leave you speechless and basically unable to function. Similarly, very few for whom you can say – as for countless others in your field – that without this person, you might not be who you are today, for your life would look very different. Ironically I was just planning to post a new track I’ve been holed up working on that’s directly influenced by him, playing an instrument based on his (swipe to see). It doesn’t feel appropriate to post it today (it’s another humorous song a la Zappa), and the timing is eery. There so much more to say, at a total loss for words. I can’t believe I have to type this right now: RIP #eddievanhalen ??

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