Former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted‘s official YouTube channel has just shared a video of him and his THE CHOPHOUSE BAND performing a cover version of the Jason Isbell song “White Man’s World” in March 2019 at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, Florida. Check it out below. Also available are previously released performances of the Johnny Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues”, the Jason Isbell song “Cover Me Up”, Johnny Cash‘s “Big River”, the blues classic “Cocaine Blues”, Tom Waits‘s “Jockey Full Of Bourbon”, Neil Young‘s “Rockin’ In The Free World”, “I’ve Been Everywhere” (originally written by Australian country singer Geoff Mack and later recorded by Johnny Cash) and the John Anderson song “Seminole Wind”.

Named after Jason‘s four recording studio facilities around the U.S. and featuring a fluid roster of players, THE CHOPHOUSE BAND began in 1992 when Newsted founded The Chophouse Records Studio in San Francisco.

THE CHOPHOUSE BAND is led by Newsted, playing acoustic guitars and performing lead vocal, accompanied by 
close friends/musicians of all walks and styles, sharing some great American songs from familiar and unfamiliar heroes.

Jason told the Palm Beach Florida Weekly about THE CHOPHOUSE BAND: “We all get along great because there’s not money involved. They’ve got their own bands, their own families, their own gigs. We do benefit gigs, six a year, and that’s it. I record and write and play songs the whole rest of the time. They could all run circles around me musical theory-wise. They could tell you everything they’re playing, and all the relating chords. I surround myself with the bad-asses, and they make me look really good. I’m playing cowboy chords the whole time, and they’re doing their fancy shit to make me look good. I just concentrate on singing, and getting across the things I want people to hear.”

Asked by Boca magazine how deep his song archive is with THE CHOPHOUSE BAND, Newsted said: “I keep two bibles — heroes, and my songs. I try to stay at about 100 in the bible of heroes — everything from [LED] ZEPPELIN to John Prine to Dolly Parton. My [personal] song bible is probably between 24 and 32, most of them in the last 10 months. The band’s favorite band collectively is JASON ISBELL AND THE 400 UNIT. I’ve become friends with [Isbell] over the past couple of years, and taken time to learn 20 of his songs. We always perform at least one in the set, trying to make it my own — kind of the idea with all of them.”

Jason left METALLICA back in 2001, but was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, along with Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and the man who replaced him, bassist Robert Trujillo, in 2009.

Seven years ago, Jason shelved NEWSTED, the heavy metal project he operated between 2012 and 2014, saying that it cost him “an awful lot of money — hundreds of thousands of dollars.” He added: “I couldn’t continue because the business is such a harsh thing now and so different than what I had known.”