Vinnie Moore has tested positive for COVID-19. The UFO guitarist revealed his health status in a social media post earlier today (Tuesday, December 15). He wrote: “I was recording some new songs a couple weeks back and was going to post about it, but started not feeling so well and unfortunately tested positive for covid. Feeling better now but have been really tired. In fact, I have become a world champion at napping….. which is frustrating because I hate napping. Biggest waste of time ever.

“Be careful everyone, and Happy Holidays,” he added. “I’ll be back soon with music news.”

The follow-up to Moore‘s critically acclaimed 2015 “Aerial Visions” album was released in October 2019 on his label Mind’s Eye Music. Titled “Soul Shifter”, Vinnie‘s ninth solo LP features guest appearances by Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT) and Jordan Rudess (DREAM THEATER), with Richie Monica on drums, Michael Bean (bassist from Vinnie‘s “Time Odyssey” album), John Cassidy (keyboards) and John Pessoni (drums).

Vinnie is considered one of the originators of shred guitar, and has released nine influential solo albums, and six albums and a live DVD as a member of rock royalty legends UFO. He’s made countless album guest appearances, and has even recorded the soundtrack for a Pepsi TV commercial. He’s been a member of Alice Cooper‘s band and was opening act for RUSH on their “Roll The Bones” tour with his own band. His solo and UFO recordings as well as live performances have amassed rave reviews all around the globe from both fans and music press, catapulting him into guitar icon distinction. He has been an inspiration for fans and guitarists worldwide.

A few years ago, Moore stated about his songwriting approach and musical influences: “I hope to keep growing and learning as a songwriter and as a player, and to explore different musical directions, kind of following the inspiration wherever it leads. I don’t plan ahead musically, which keeps things interesting for me. I want to continue following my muse into areas that inspire and excite me. I am basically a rock guy, but love many different styles of music, and am often inspired by — and learn from — all of them. Music is so vast, and there are so many things to pick up from all the different styles. I’ve kind of always been like this, drawing on different musical influences, partly because I like lots of different things and partly… because I get bored easily. Exploring different directions is fun, and it keeps me excited as both a writer and a player.”

I was recording some new songs a couple weeks back and was going to post about it, but started not feeling so well and…

Posted by Vinnie Moore on Tuesday, December 15, 2020