London, Ontario-based atmospheric sludge rock unit THE WHITE SWAN, spearheaded by KITTIE‘s Mercedes Lander, will release its new EP, “Nocturnal Transmission”, on September 18.

The EP’s four tracks see the trio — Lander with Kira Longeuay and Shane Jeffers (BLOODMOON COLLECTIVE) — wearing their collective heart on their sleeves, delivering over 20 minutes of sprawling, melodic sound waves.

In December 2019, the band recorded three songs and a cover (Tracy Bonham‘s “Tell It To The Sky”) of what can only be described as love songs. Lander penned lyrics that chronicle the joy, desire, longing, and eventual feeling of completeness that comes with a romantic relationship. From the night drives through the snow in the early days, right through to the handcrafted guitar built as a wedding gift from her now husband, the intricacies of true love permeate every moment of “Nocturnal Transmission”.

Reprising a longtime creative relationship with producer Siegfried Meier, Lander felt both at home and re-energized by the familiarity and collaborative nature of their work. Recording took just two days, retaining many of the hallmarks of THE WHITE SWAN‘s earlier output, but adding a slightly polished sheen to the proceedings. With vocal layering and touches of psychedelic synths adding textural elements to the songs, the result is an enveloping experience of fuzzed out guitars and molasses-like melody. Describing “Nocturnal Transmission” as a “turning point” for the band, the album art by collage artist Caitlyn Grabenstein reflects the feeling of standing on the precipice, staring into the unknown. Acknowledging that there will always be a constant sound to THE WHITE SWAN, Lander states that their main intention is to “grow and grow.” With an ever-developing sound and a solid combination of creative musicians in their ranks, “Nocturnal Transmission” is the latest in what is sure to be an ever-expanding back catalog of triumphs.

In advance of the release of “Nocturnal Transmission”, the band is pleased to unveil a video for opening track, “In Love And Ritual”. Lander says: “‘In Love And Ritual’ is about finding the person that completes you and the journey of realizing how having that person in your life teaches us to become brand new; kind of like a rebirth of feeling and emotional connection. I really wanted to create space with this song, keeping the roller coaster of dynamics in the forefront with a touch of chaos running in the background. Having the lyrics and melody build with the music and really complement each other.”

“Nocturnal Transmission” will be released digitally and on limited edition vinyl via War Crime Recordings.

Track listing:

01. In Love And Ritual
02. Nocturnal Transmission
03. Purple
04. Tell It To The Sky (Tracy Bonham cover)


Mercedes Lander – Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Shane Jeffers – Guitar
Kira Longeuay – Bass

Photo by Kandiss Bradley