Spelling is hard, even for the most articulate. How many “S”s are in Mississippi? Is it “there,” “their,” or “they’re”? What does “I” before “E” except after “C” even mean?

After taking a look at hundreds of words that are commonly misspelled, we found that the most Googled “almost-spelling” of a word in Kansas was: multiplication.

Even some of the most commonly used words can make us break our pencil or keyboard as we stumble over our letters. While the internet is full of answers to some of life’s most important questions, we’ve been asking Google to help us spell words that are both simple in some respects and complicated in others. Whether we’re getting our resume together for our next job opportunity or writing a letter to our best friends, proper spelling is essential when we want to be taken seriously.

“Quarantine” was the most searched misspelled word, with 12 states struggling to find the correct spelling. No, “corn teen” is not a new nickname for a teenager really into the yellow vegetable. “Coronavirus” also broke into the top three with six states trying to find the correct letters for the contagious disease. It makes sense that at the height of a global pandemic, “quarantine” and “coronavirus” were in the top three of most searched misspelled words.

The following words might hit too close to home. Common words like “which,” “every,” and “believe” all seem to have given us some struggles over our lifetimes. Together, they accounted for 11 states searching how to spell these words the most.

How did Kansas compare with other states’ most misspelled words?