Scott Stapp says that “everything is positive” between him and all the other members of CREED.

This past June, CREED updated its Facebook profile with an old photo, igniting rumors of the band’s imminent return. Nearly five months later, drummer Scott Phillips confirmed that there has been “some chatter” about renewed activity from the group, but cautioned that there are “no specific plans” for CREED to perform or make music again.

Stapp addressed the possibility of CREED making a comeback — eight years after the band completed a tour in support of its fourth album, 2009’s “Full Circle” — during a new interview with Kev of the Rockford, Illinois radio station 104.9 The X.

He said (see video below): “Well, to start off, first and foremost, the most important thing is everything is positive and the relationships are good with the band. We talk, we’re in communication — it’s all positive there. And I’ll tell you what: if there’s any announcements or any news about any new music or anything beyond that, I promise you we will put out an all-points bulletin and let everybody know. Right now, I’m focused on my latest solo record, ‘The Space Between The Shadows’, and currently my new single ‘Survivor’. But I promise you, we will let everybody know.”

CREED disbanded in 2004 but reunited five years later for the aforementioned “Full Circle” LP and an extensive tour. The band had begun working in 2012 on a follow-up album, but the project was abandoned. Stapp has since toured and recorded as a solo artist, although he suffered a drug-related mental breakdown in 2014 and spent several years recovering from that.

Back in 2019, guitarist Mark Tremonti said in an interview on Jamey Jasta‘s podcast that he was sitting on an album’s worth of material for CREED. Asked whether CREED could reunite again, Tremonti said, “People say, ‘Is it done? Is it over? Is there new music coming out?’ I’m sitting on an entire CREED album… When we were together doing the reunion tour, we put a lot of music together and I have like really sketchy little demos of probably 13 songs. I listened to them maybe a year ago and they’re good songs.”

Tremonti added: “It’s just, there’s no time. Is it good enough for me to put everything on the back burner that I’ve been working on for the past 14 years? No. Is it good enough to maybe 10 years from now or seven years from now… or some big resurgence happens or there’s an anniversary where everybody’s like, ‘We want to see CREED and the world demands it like they used to.’ I wouldn’t say no.”

Tremonti, who also leads his own self-named band and plays in ALTER BRIDGE with the other instrumental members of CREED, told The Pulse Of Radio a while back he doesn’t see CREED working again anytime soon. “I’m just so full of commitments between TREMONTI and ALTER BRIDGE, and juggling these two bands writing-wise and just touring-wise, it’s like almost impossible to do all three, and I’m very satisfied with what I’m doing now,” he said.