Potential new equipment for officers
The Riley County Police Department is looking at purchasing new firearm-flashlight attachments and holsters for its officers.
According to RCPD director Dennis Butler, data shows about 90 percent of all officer-involved shootings occur in low-light situations.
He says having a firearm with a flashlight attached to it instead of having two separate tools allows the officer to better focus on what is in front of them.

Assistant director Kurt Moldrup says officers using the new tools would be subject to new training.

Butler says officers will also be retrained on how to hold and fire the new firearms.
RCPD officials will apply for the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, through which it is eligible for about $25,000, to fund the purchase.
The topic will be discussed at the Riley County Commission meeting this Thursday.
Out-of-town meeting locations
The Riley County Law Board discussed Monday where its next out-of-town meeting should take place.
It was suggested by one official that the board meet in Leonardville during its meeting in September, but others pointed out the town’s close proximity to Riley, which is where the board will meet in October.
Board member John Ford suggested holding the meeting in the Zeandale area as a way of reaching out to people in a different part of the county.
Butler says the decision is the board’s to make, with one of the only requirements being that the meeting location have video streaming capabilities.

Others noted that holding the meeting in Zeandale would also give the board an opportunity to discuss the newly constructed and closely located RCPD firing range with local residents.
The board will make a final decision on the location of its September meeting during its next meeting in August.

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