Letters like these have been circulating in Manhattan. RCPD says it’s a scam and that money raised by this organization doesn’t actually go to any local law enforcement initiatives. (RCPD image)

The Riley County Police Department says a new scam hitting Manhattan mailboxes asks for donations to the National Police Association.

RCPD says the “association” has generated letters in the area with claims they “give law enforcement the crime prevention tools they need.” In reality, RCPD says the money they raise doesn’t actually go to police departments or any other legitimate police organizations.

The National Police Association’s website says it is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, but it’s come under fire from multiple police departments across the country, who say it is a scam. The NPA website contains information that includes far-right leaning rhetoric. KMAN has reached out to the organization for comment.

RCPD says anyone locally wanting to support law enforcement can do so by giving to the Frateral Order of Police Lodge #17 or the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.

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