For almost 40 years, QUEENSRŸCHE has been hailed as one of the forefathers of American progressive hard rock and metal music. But the band’s complete story has never been told — until now. NW Metalworx Music has announced it will publish the first-ever QUEENSRŸCHE biography in late 2021, as part of the NW Metalworx book line.

Written by James R. Beach, with Brian L. Naron and Brian J. Heaton, “Building An Empire: The Story Of Queensrÿche”, takes a deep dive on QUEENSRŸCHE, from its original members’ musical beginnings in the high schools of suburban Seattle, to the group’s rise to stardom in the 1990s. The book will cover how QUEENSRŸCHE evolved from album to album, the various events that led to the band’s fracture and declining popularity, and the amazing heavy metal revival period QUEENSRŸCHE has enjoyed over the last several years.

Paul Suter, the acclaimed writer from Kerrang! who broke QUEENSRŸCHE‘s story in early 1983, will write the tome’s foreword. Heaton, the founder of, a historical retrospective on QUEENSRŸCHE‘s original lineup, penned the afterword.

Beach and Naron are fresh off publishing “Rusted Metal”, their mammoth 900-plus-page guide to hard rock and heavy metal bands from 1970-1995 in the Pacific Northwest. Heaton joins the duo for the foray into QUEENSRŸCHE‘s past, serving as one of the band’s unofficial historians over the past quarter-century.

“We were looking for the next book to write and were shocked to discover no one had told QUEENSRŸCHE‘s story,” said Beach. “For us, it was a no-brainer to tackle their rich history, especially off the work we did researching the band for ‘Rusted Metal’.”

“As we finished ‘Rusted Metal’, James and I realized we had so much more to say about QUEENSRŸCHE,” added Naron. “I’ve been a fan since 1982, and ebbed and flowed with the band. But after revisiting each QUEENSRŸCHE record and tour cycle for the book, I’ve fallen in love with the band all over again. QUEENSRŸCHE has always been a secretive band, and it has been fun talking to people who have helped unlock their past.”

“The thing the three of us agreed on, was that QUEENSRŸCHE‘s story is one of perseverance,” Heaton said. “The band’s music and personal history is rooted in change and overcoming obstacles, and that makes it a compelling story to write, and we hope, for everyone to read.”

“Building An Empire: The Story Of Queensrÿche” is an unauthorized account, featuring interviews with the bandmembers themselves, and various associated people from QUEENSRŸCHE‘s almost 40-year history — including managers, producers, crew members, family, friends and peers. The book weaves existing interviews from the band’s career with new ones, resulting in an all-encompassing, objective look at QUEENSRŸCHE‘s career.

The book is slated for a fall 2021/winter 2022 release on NW Metalworx Music‘s web site, Amazon and other retailers.