In a new interview, Wes Scantlin of the Kansas City-reared post-grunge band PUDDLE OF MUDD revealed that he was recently approached to compose an anthem for his favorite football team.

“I’m getting ready to go down to the studio here with a really great producer and engineer,” he said (hear audio below). “We’re gonna do three versions of a song I wrote with an awesome producer and engineer named Colin London. It’s an NFL pump-you-up-type song for the Kansas City Chiefs world champions. So I’m gonna go cut vocals for that. The musical composition has already been attained. And the vocal actual composition has already been attained as well, but the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs organization want me to keep going and make enough different passes in the vocals. But it’s a well-rounded composition.”

He continued: “I’m very proud of it and very happy to have been able to work with the people that I’ve been able to work with on it. So, we’ll see. You’ll hear it — you’re definitely gonna hear it on the NFL games and the Kansas City Chiefs games. And it’s really a pleasure and an honor to be able to actually be considered to do that. I’m very, very happy about that.”

PUDDLE OF MUDD was formed in 1991 in Kansas City by Scantlin, the only original member still with the band.

The group’s first studio album in ten years, “Welcome To Galvania”, was released in September 2019 via Pavement Entertainment.