Spider One, founder and frontman for the veteran industrial rock group POWERMAN 5000, was the featured guest on a recent episode of “Podsauce”, a new podcast discovery show that covers the world of podcasting to help consumers find new series. The musician, whose given name is Michael David Cummings, spoke about diving into the podcasting world by writing, narrating, and producing the immersive scary story podcast “Bleeders DIEgest”. He also talked about growing up with his brother, actor-singer-songwriter Rob Zombie, in a small town where television and music were the gateways to the world.

“[There’s] only a couple of years difference in age [between us], so we grew up loving all the same stuff,” he told “Podsauce” hosts Alesha Reneé and Dax Holt. “But the funny thing is we grew up in a household that was about as normal as you could possibly have. [Our] parents weren’t artists. My dad worked in a furniture factory for his entire life. My mom stayed home, raised the kids. And there wasn’t a lot of that around us. We grew up in a small town where there really wasn’t anything to do. So TV and music was really like this gateway to the world, that there were other things out there other than this little town that we lived in. I mean, we watched everything and anything. And growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, there was a lot of crazy content… It just opened up the world.”

Seven years ago, Spider One told the Dallas Observer that he and his brother aren’t competitive. “I wouldn’t say that at all,” he said. “I would say that we are supportive and collaborative. We talk about what each of us is doing. He clearly has his own thing. I just try to do my thing too. There is plenty of room for everybody. It has never been a competitive thing. We’ve done a couple of things together over the years. He did some vocals on one of my records back in 1999. We’ve played a couple shows together, nothing too major. With him in his world and me in mine, it’s almost impossible to get together for dinner”

“Bleeders DIEgest” launched this past June on the Bloody Disgusting podcast network. The scripted horror anthology is created and written by Spider One, filmmaker Krsy Fox and “The Boo Crew” podcast hosts Trevor and Lauren Shand.

Spider One dropped out of the School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, started the band POWERMAN 5000, released eleven albums (and counting), enjoyed platinum success and toured the world. He has directed several music videos in addition to writing and directing the horror feature “Allegoria” starring John Ennis and Scout Compton. Spider also served as an on-air personality for the horror network FEARnet and created and co-produced the horror/comedy TV series “Death Valley” for MTV.

POWERMAN 5000‘s latest album, “The Noble Rot”, came out last year.