More mail in ballots have come into the Riley County clerk’s office, with the results still too close to call for the county commission District 3 seat.

The new results as of Wednesday show only a single vote difference now in favor of Democratic Candidate Kathryn Focke.  At the end of election night, the unofficial numbers had Candidate John Matta in the lead by only 10 votes.

County Clerk Rich Vargo says they will continue to count votes as they come in until the end of the week. Friday is the last day the clerk’s office can accept mail in ballots that were mailed in and postmarked for election day.

An election canvas will still be held on Nov. 16 where the election board will present provisional ballots to the county commission. They will give a recommendation to the commission on which ballots to accept and to not accept based on a variety of factors. The clerk’s office currently has 1,470 provisional ballots, and as of Tuesday are waiting on 1,400 mail ballots to still come in.

KMAN will continue to update the numbers on this election as they come in.

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