With years of combined experience and hundreds of gigs around the world, bassist Henri “Henkka T. Blacksmith” Seppälä, vocalist Ville Malja (LAPKO), guitarist Jussi Ylikoski and drummer Mikko Hakila (DISCO ENSEMBLE) united last year to form MOON SHOT. Following the success of their debut tracks “Big Bang” and “Blood Looks Cool”, the band is ready to release its most candid single yet, “Confession”, now available on all streaming platforms.

In “Confession”, MOON SHOT shows the bare bones of its writing prowess and once again interlap the melodies delivered by Malja with a chilling visual experience in the form of a video directed by Sami Joensuu. You can check out the video below.

‘Confession’ is such a song you don’t write every day. It’s like a gift — a beautiful, noisy thing that appears when planets happen to be in the perfect position,” explains Ylikoski. “Feels really good to be part of the band making this kind of music.”

The momentum is there for the Finnish four-piece, which is creating a feeling of timelessness with its releases, described in a press release as “the true 21st-century rock band.”

Ylikoski states: “MOON SHOT is something completely new, made from scratch. This lineup, the new songs, the team behind us. It’s just amazing and makes me humble. I feel lucky to be alive and part of this band in this day and age. Can’t wait to get up on stage.”

Seppälä announced his decision to join MOON SHOT almost a year and a half ago, writing in a social media post: “When the decision to quit with BODOM became real in the end of spring 2019, I wasn’t determined to do anything new as a musician. This might sound naïve, but I always thought I couldn’t play anything else than BODOM, I was pretty sure nothing would inspire me enough. But then the most unexpected thing happened; the news about my situation reached these certain three guys who were brainstorming in Helsinki to find a perfect fit for bass in their brand new group.

“For me the classic ‘one door closing blah blah’ quote felt now very much on point.

“The idea of a new band felt scary, not only musically but also because it came so quickly after the biggest and scariest decision of my life. At the same time I saw it as a gift, new chance to do music with friends, musicians whose careers I have had the pleasure to follow with admiration. I didn’t wanna miss this rare chance.

“Things came together quite quickly, as you might know, my plans for life after BODOM…well, actually there was no plans really…

“So here I am, introducing MOON SHOT to you. MOON SHOT is far from melodic death metal. It’s a blend of alternative rock, some crossover elements, lots of melodies — but like always in music; you judge it and define it yourself.”