After the owner of Royal Towers failed to meet a March 16 deadline to correct walkways and stairwells spelled out in a previous Notice of Condemnation letter, the Manhattan Fire Department says the building will be placarded and a notice to vacate will be provided.

According to the Department’s Office of Risk Reduction, a structural engineer is evaluating the walkways and determining a safe way for occupants to move furniture and heavy belongings out of the building, with plans expected to be made available by March 24. Once received, that plan will be communicated to management and residents who must be out of the building by May 1.

The fire department is asking Royal Towers residents to begin seeking alternate housing and not move any furniture or heavy belongings until the move-out plan is in place. The building’s owner is listed as TD Invest LLC.

Residents with additional questions should reach out to the Manhattan Fire Department at 785-587-4504.

The notice to residents, the original notice of condemnation, and the updated FAQs can be found here: