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One year after partially closing, Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community is officially reopening its Kimball Ave. entrance and suspending the use of the Tuttle Creek Blvd. check-point station.

It will also begin allowing visitors on campus who do not have a current or suspected positive COVID-19 diagnosis, are not showing illness symptoms and are not a current COVID-19 close contact.

People visiting Meadowlark’s Community Center will be allowed in common and public areas, such as the Prairie Star Restaurant and the Courtyard.

These are not the first restrictions that have been lifted for the facility.

Independent-living-area residents have been allowed to accept visitors into their homes since Feb. 8 of this year.

However, guests must still schedule visits to licensed areas and wear masks while on campus.

Since January, Meadowlark has put on multiple vaccine clinics. So far, over 90 percent of residents and more than 70 percent of staff have decided to be vaccinated.

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