MESI reimbursement
The Manhattan City Commission Tuesday authorized a $235,000 reimbursement to the Manhattan Emergency Shelter for its rent and mortgage assistance program.
“They had their own funds available to help meet that need versus waiting for funding to be approved by the different governing bodies,” Ron Fehr, Manhattan city manager, said. “They went ahead and made that funding expenditure and now are asking to be reimbursed.”
Usha Reddi, Manhattan city commissioner, says the funding will come from the $2.9 million in CARES Act funds the city received from the state through Riley County.
“We did receive the $2.9 million funding from the CARES Act – from the SPARK steering committee – allotted to the city from Riley County,” Reddi said.
CARES Act funds will also help pay for a Disinfectant Storage Building that could cost up to about $195,000.
New medical facility
The city commission unanimously amended an approved development plan for the construction of an Xpress Wellness Clinic medical office near McCall Rd. and Alvin’s Place.
Reddi addressed a concern that the facility’s proximity to K-Stat Urgent Care will make it a redundant business in the area.
“We are in the job of zoning, or PUDs in this instance, and making sure they are in compliance with our ordinances and not so much about the business itself as along as they’re in the appropriate business district,” Reddi said.
Linda Morse, Manhattan city commissioner, brought up the concern that the building’s digital sign will be too bright.
Chad Bunger, assistant director of community development, says the sign will be in compliance with city requirements.
“We have a specific brightness standard (for) both daytime and nighttime that, in their application process for the sign permit, certifies that the digital sign conforms to our requirements,” Bunger said.
According to city documents, the public will not have direct access to the facility from McCall Rd.

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