Another look into the revamp of the Manhattan City Code that’s underway was given the City Commission Tuesday night, including a view of how changes to the code have resulted in mismatching development in some areas.

Assistant Director of Community Development Chad Bunger highlighted a home that had been built single-family in 1925 and turned into multiple units when zoning changed in 1969.

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Bunger  says one change will be that a property where a non-conforming building suffers damage that totals more than 50-percent of its market value, the owner has to bring it into compliance, rescinding an adjustment made in 2003.

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He added that there are cases where changes were made in violation of the zoning and that’s where there could be issues for current owners.

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Commissioner Usha Reddi noted that under the changes, there would be 200 properties that would be viewed as “illegal” in the city. She expressed the hope that adopting changes later this year will improve the process so that number will move towards zero over time.

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Mayor Wynn Butler noted he’s glad to see some clarity regarding properties that would be labeled “illegal” under the new code.

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Bunger noted that there continue to be meetings with developers and others as the code continues to be adjusted ahead of the planned end of year completion.

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