Intersection at US-24 and K-13 (Dam Road). (KMAN photo)

The installation of roundabouts on US-24 at K-13 and K-113 is likely a ways off.
Stephanie Peterson, Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization director, says that the Kansas Department of Transportation has yet to identify a funding source for those projects.
“KDOT does have a construction, if you want to call it, timeline, I guess, for the K-13 intersection,” Peterson said. “They have it programmed right now for 2021. For K-113 and US-24, they have it programmed again for 2021.”
She did express that KDOT’s timelines might be a bit ambitious due to the current lack of funding.
Robert Ott, City of Manhattan Public Works director, says that while he believes the roundabouts are important for traffic safety, the city’s involvement is likely dependent upon other projects.
“I believe it’ll take a catalyst-type project for us in terms of redevelopment, possibly at Anderson,” Ott said. “The linchpin for the city of Manhattan will be the Anderson interchange and dealing with Claflin.”
John Ford, Riley County commissioner, says between other projects and the involvement of city, county and state officials, the process of installing the roundabouts could take some time.

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