Opening comments.

      Opening Comments

What should the city’s role be in supporting the Riley County Health Department, including decisions made for public health such as the masking ordinance and other COVID response measures?

      Question 1

What commitments will you make to ensure that Manhattan has safe, quality, and affordable housing? Please offer a specific example.

      Question 2

How best should the city of Manhattan provide for and fund public transportation? What improvements should be made to Manhattan’s public transportation system, and why are these improvements necessary?

      Question 3

What is your position for setting a living wage for Manhattan, and what do you consider a living wage for Manhattan to be.

      Question 4

It’s been said that local decision makers do not reflect local demographics, that appointments to boards and advisory committees are not representative of all groups in the community. What would you propose be done about this claim.

      Question 5

Closing statements.

      Closing Statements

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