METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has praised director Thomas Vinterberg‘s new movie “Another Round”, calling it “hands down my favorite film of 2020.”

The Danish filmmaker is no stranger to METALLICA, having directed the music video for “The Day That Never Comes”, the first single from METALLICA‘s ninth studio album, 2008’s “Death Magnetic”.

On Saturday (December 19), Ulrich — a fellow Dane — took to his Instagram to share the “Another Round” poster, and he included the following message: “Finally saw my friend Thomas Vinterberg‘s new movie ‘Another Round’, and it’s hands down my favorite film of 2020.

“I remember being somewhat stunned and completely intrigued by the idea when he told me about it two summers ago. The movie was finally made last year and was supposed to premiere this year at Cannes.

“The universal themes of midlife crisis, camaraderie, relationships, self esteem and experimentation are set against a bit of a touchy subject and plays out in the most Danish of ways.

Thomas has made a film that handles all of this with just the right balance of drama, comedy, empathy and a touch of outrageousness. Mads Mikkelsen is brilliant as always as school teacher and main character Martin.

“You may remember Thomas from back in 2008 when he directed our video for ‘The Day That Never Comes’… easily one of METALLICA‘s best.

“This movie is now available on pay-per-view in the US and has been playing around Europe for a few months.

“Please do yourself a favor and see this.”

Lars, who has appeared in a handful of films, told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he gets a creative charge out of dabbling in movies. “I love being around creative processes and being around creative people, and any time you get a chance to be around creative people that are slightly outside of your own niche or whatever, it’s always cool to just see how other people work and try to be inspired by that and bring something back to your day job,” he said.

METALLICA has starred in two movies of its own — the 2004 documentary “Some Kind Of Monster” and the 2013 concert film “Through The Never” — while bassist Robert Trujillo produced a documentary on legendary bass player Jaco Pastorius.

Ulrich was also seen as himself in the 2010 comedy “Get Him To The Greek” and played Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens in the 2012 HBO film “Hemingway & Gellhorn”.

Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio that while he enjoys appearing in movies, he’s not interested in pursuing a full-fledged acting career. “The acting thing is not something that I’m chasing,” he said. “The couple, three, four things I’ve done are all people that have come to me and asked me if I wanted to partake. I’m certainly interested in film, I’m passionate about film, but I can’t tell you that it’s something that I’m chasing, and I don’t have any sort of aspirations about being some next-level actor or anything like that.”


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