Kaw Valley 4-H member, Isabella Wilber, volunteers at the Petting Zoo at the 2023 Wamego Tulip Festival
Wamego held their 36th annual Tulip Festival over the weekend, despite Mother Nature’s attempt to interrupt the celebration. Wamego Chamber of Commerce Event and Tourism Coordinator Tegan Kreider downplayed the strong wind in true Kansan style.
      0416 Kreider 1

The tulips held up to the heavy rain and subsequent strong wind like champions. But vendors were physically holding their tents from blowing away in the 30mph wind, with gusts of 45mph Sunday. The previous day it was cold with heavy rainfall, which flooded tents causing a few of the more than 165 vendors to leave the park to protect their product. But most were able to move to higher ground. 16-year-old Wamego High School Sophomore Isabella Wilber was volunteering at the event.
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Wilber is a member of the Kaw Valley 4-H Club. Their petting zoo was eventually rained out on Saturday, but they returned to an appreciative crowd on Sunday. The club brought plenty of farm animals to visit with, including pigs, rabbits and bunnies, and fan favorite Tito the Baby Bull. The animals received cuddles and admiration from young and old alike. Wilber says she’s appreciative of her affiliation with 4-H.
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The petting zoo’s one dollar entry fee is the club’s largest fundraising event each year. The other vendors were also able to return to the festival on Sunday. They enjoyed a large crowd and plenty of sunshine.