Lafene Health Center (KMAN file photo)

Kansas State University’s Lafene Health Center has been selected as a vaccine distribution site and will receive and administer vaccines for students, faculty and staff, based on the state and local priority groups and vaccine availability.

When that happens is uncertain, says K-State Vice President for Communications and Marketing Jeffery Morris.

“We have the protocols, we have the freezers to store the vaccines, we have the processes figured out, we have the databases necessary to track and follow up with people to get their second round of shots,” he said. “What we don’t have right now is any vaccine.”

Morris estimates widespread availability of the vaccine for its student population won’t occur until late in the spring semester, at the earliest. The university continues to urge students and staff to take advantage of COVID testing, available through Lafene Health Center.

“We want to remind people that those tests are free. So please if you’re a faculty or staff member, student and you’re concerned you might have been exposed or just want peace of mind, please get with Lafene and schedule a test,” he said.

The university announced on Friday it plans to start the spring semester Jan. 25 in a fully remote setting for the first two weeks of classes (through Feb. 8).

As for the financial impact from the pandemic, Morris says two determining factors going forward are spring enrollment numbers, which won’t be known until February, and secondly the level of state support for higher education.

“I would say right now we’ve made a lot of adjustments to get through this fiscal year and barring any unforeseen changes, we should be on a fairly stable path, but again that’s dependent on what happens with enrollment and state funding,” he said.

Morris says more furloughs are anticipated through the remainder of the current fiscal year, which ends July 1.

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