K-State caterer Ervin Thompson at 2023 Open House
The Student Union was the hub of the annual K-State Open House, but the wonderful smell before entering the building was thanks to Thompson’s BBQ Smokehouse. Registered K-State Caterer, Ervin Thompson, was cooking up and selling his delicious food to help the community.
      0401 Thompson 1

Thompson says he decided to help the shelters after learning they are in need of baby supplies. There’s still an opportunity to help out and enjoy some great food.
      0401 Thompson 2

Thompson says he will continue to support community members. He remembers how his community helped him when he was in need. The BBQ Chef is featured at many K-State functions. They are available to hire for events at K-State Community Rooms or at other locations, and they donate some proceeds from each job. Contact them at: foojitney2@yahoo.com or 832-723-8781
The Sunday Brunch to benefit the community is at K-State’s Flint Hills Room April 2nd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All-you-can-eat is $15 per person at-the-door.