Graham Bonnet says that he will “still be recording and performing with ALCATRAZZ” despite the fact that he has parted ways with the musicians who performed with him on the band’s latest album, “Born Innocent”.

Earlier today, ALCATRAZZ members Jimmy Waldo, Joe Stump, Gary Shea and Mark Benquechea issued a statement saying that will be joined by singer Doogie White (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST) for all their 2021 touring. The announcement came less than a month after Bonnet said that he was “no longer affiliated” with ALCATRAZZ‘s manager Giles Lavery.” At the time, the other ALCATRAZZ members shot back, saying that they were “still represented” by Lavery and blasting Bonnet for “dictat[ing] to us who our collective or individual manager may or may not be.”

Earlier today, Bonnet released the following statement via his social media:

“Hey everyone! Graham here. I’ve received some messages this morning in reference to the press release by my former band members and feel compelled to address them here rather than respond individually.

“Just to be clear, I will still be recording and performing with ALCATRAZZ. I am the founder and main songwriter and have been since the band’s inception in ’83.

“I’m currently in the studio finishing up the third GRAHAM BONNET BAND album and once delivered, I will begin working on a new ALCATRAZZ record.

“I’ll be announcing the incredible new ALCATRAZZ line-up in the spring and can’t wait to take this show on the road! See you then!”

When Waldo, Stump, Shea and Benquechea announced that they were working with White, they vowed to put on “an explosive live show featuring all of the ALCATRAZZ classics that you know, plus added selections from Doogie‘s work with RAINBOW and MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST/TEMPLE OF ROCK.” They also floated the possibility of “a couple [of] new songs as well.”

Waldo, Stump, Shea and Benquechea‘s version of ALCATRAZZ has launched a Facebook page where they will be posting all their news going forward.

“Born Innocent” was released in July via Silver Lining Music. The LP featured Bonnet alongside fellow founding members Waldo and Shea, plus guitarist Joe Stump. Chris Impellitteri wrote the music and played all guitars on the “Born Innocent” title track, while Bob Kulick wrote and laid down guitar for “I Am The King”. Former ALCATRAZZ guitarist Steve Vai wrote “Dirty Like The City”.

Hey everyone! Graham here. I’ve received some messages this morning in reference to the press release by my former band…

Posted by Graham Bonnet & Alcatrazz on Friday, December 4, 2020