The “15 Minutes Show” hosted by international artist Tomer Peretz has released its latest collaboration with KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons.

Conceptual artist and painter Peretz is known for capturing the underlying element of mystery and more than meets the eye in his portraits. With an appreciation for realism, surrealism, and the unknown, Peretz‘s breadth of work spans contemporary and figurative art.

In Peretz‘s “15 Minutes Show”, the artist creates portraits of universally known icons of today live on Instagram. Each subject is carefully curated to be leading pioneers in their field, whose passion and talent speak for themselves.

Peretz has painted the likes of KORN‘s Jonathan Davis, Alejandro Edda, and, more recently, Simmons. The portrait created in Peretz‘s session with Gene transcends both artists’ affinity towards the wild and unruly. With Peretz‘s expert use of rough textures and contrasting tones, he encapsulates Simmons‘ distinctively boisterous image.

In collaboration with the Israeli Consulate, Peretz and Simmons are releasing 500 limited-edition prints signed by both artists. 50% of the prints’ profit will be donated to Village For Vets, a non-profit organization dedicated to filling critical gaps in key services to homeless and at-risk veterans in greater Los Angeles, chosen by Simmons himself.

To reserve a limited-edition print, go to this location.