It’s that time of year again- time to file taxes.

Gary Fike, Riley County K-State Extension Officer, reminds KMAN about the volunteer income tax assistance center which helps to file taxes for free. Fike talks more about who the program is open to.

“It’s designed for low to moderate income people,” Fike says. “The IRS calls that $57,000 or less household income and if you are a little bit over that, that’s fine, we are not going to split hairs or things like that. We are trying to help as many people as we possibly can.”

Fike adds that the assistance center is offering both drop-offs and in-person meetings this year, but both do require appointments. Fike says despite the pandemic they have still seen a number of people opting for the in-person assistance.

“Most people want to be there, and frankly it makes it a lot easier if they’re there because then we can ask them questions about things because otherwise we would have to make return phone calls and things and then the process takes a little longer,” Fike says.

Fike also tells KMAN that now, more than ever, it is important to understand tax fraud. Fike says scams are everywhere during tax season and says there is one major key to keeping yourself safe.

“The best advice I can give people is that don’t pay any attention fi you get an email from the IRS or over the phone because the IRS will only contact you through the U.S. mail,” Fike adds.

For any questions regarding tax fraud or to set up an appointment for the tax assistance center, visit or call (785) 537-6350.


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