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E-scooters officially launch this weekend in Manhattan.
Kansas State University and the city have partnered with e-scooter company LINK to pilot the micro-mobility program this fall. Initially the plan had been to launch the e-scooters in April, but plans were shifted by the coronavirus pandemic.
“Many students, faculty and staff  have been asking for an e-scooter share program as an easy and energy-efficient way to move about campus and the community. After extensive research of similar programs in other university communities and in collaboration with the City of Manhattan, we’re excited to partner with LINK because we believe that they will provide our students, faculty, and visitors with the safest and most reliable e-scooter share program in the industry” said Linda Cook, K-State Chief of Staff and Director of Community Relations.
The program will launch 150 e-scooters, and depending on public response, could expand to 500 e-scooters distributed across the campus and broader community.
LINK has also partnered with Green Apple Bikes, the nonprofit Manhattan bike share program, to complement mobility options in the community and reach more diverse audiences in the city.

Scooters are available to anyone 18 and older for rent at a cost of $1 to unlock and 25 cents per minute to ride. Payment can be made via the LINK Scooter Sharing app.

“We applaud K-State’s and Manhattan’s commitment to connecting the community through alternative transit.  We are excited to offer K-State and Manhattan our next-generation vehicles and an additional open-air transportation option at a time when it’s needed most.” Assaf Biderman, CEO, LINK, said in a Thursday news release.

LINK asks the patrons follow these tips for a safe e-scooter ride:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • One rider per e-scooter.
  • Ride in a bike lane when available.
  • No riding on sidewalks in Aggieville and Downtown.
  • Always be aware of pedestrians and cars.
  • Park mindfully, and when possible, in designated areas.
  • Have fun!

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