Pottawatomie County Public Works Director Peter Clark (courtesy photo)

Pottawatomie County Public Works Director Peter Clark will soon be looking for new work.

Clark submitted his resignation last week. His resignation is effective Dec. 25. Since his hiring in October 2015, Clark says he’s learned more than he probably would have in a similar role.

“The amount of growth that’s happening in Pottawatomie County, the variety of things you get to do as a county engineer in our specific county with urban growth and yet all the bridges and culverts and all the road projects going on, I feel I’ve had the benefit of being here,” he said.

Clark’s resignation is effective Dec. 25. Over the past few years, public works projects have largely come under scrutiny from county commissioners, due to some of the high costs, red tape and other issues. Despite this, Clark says he holds no animosity toward county leadership.

“There’s always an inherent conflict when you’re asking for resources and the county commissioners are trying to keep the budget within a certain boundary that works for the tax lid and the taxpayers. I enjoy that process, trying to find the best way to get the resources,” he said. “There’s a tolerance they have for spending money, you have to find that and get the most out of what they’re willing to do.”

He has not secured a new position, but says he is hoping to do so in the coming months. A former Manhattan city employee, If he stays in the region, Clark could be a potential candidate to replace Riley County Public Works Director Leon Hobson, who is retiring.

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