Former GILLAN Guitarist BERNIE TORMÉ To Release ‘Dublin Cowboy’ Triple Album In April

Due on April 7 via Retrowrek Records, "Dublin Cowboy" is the new three-disc album from former GILLAN guitar legend Bernie Tormé, comprising a studio disc, an acoustic disc and a live live disc. Says Bernie: "I always wanted to do a triple album and also an acoustic album, and combining the two seemed like the obvious idea, though truth is it nearly killed me: I'm still in recovery! But on top of all that, and with two albums of screaming wails and dive-bombs, I am totally knocked out with how the shred-free acoustic album has been received! Fans who pledged and have heard it absolutely LOVE it! Quadruple album next time? Nah, I really don't think so!" "Dublin Cowboy" was made following a phenomenally successful pledge-fund appeal that hit its pledge target in less than nine hours. Containing twenty-nine tracks in total across the three discs, the first two are made up of brand new material, including title track, "Dublin Cowboy", and the infectiously bluesy "Power Of The Blues" on Disc 1; as well as the rich unfolding tapestry of sounds on "Shine" and "Wolfgirl", which both appear on the acoustic disc. The third disc, recorded live in South Shields in January 2016, contains live versions of classics that span Bernie Tormé's career, including old favorites "Wild West" and "New Orleans". The album is available for purchase in CD, vinyl and digital download formats via To tie in with the release of the album, there is a 2017 U.K. tour next month and the album will be formally launched at the Borderline, London on April 7. Bernie says: "Got a bunch of rock 'n' roll pint-spillers from the new 'Dublin Cowboy' album that we will be rocking out live on the tour! I can't wait, get ready people, this one will be total killer!" Photo credit: Lisa Valder bernietormedublincowboycd bernietormedublincowboycd2

MEGADETH’s DAVID ELLEFSON: Video Footage Of Replay Guitar Exchange Clinic In Tampa, Florida

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson held a special clinic on February 6 at Replay Guitar Exchange in Tampa, Florida. Video footage of his appearance can be seen below. Asked by Myglobalmind in a recent interview how important it is to stretch out beyond MEGADETH with coffee, producing bands and having his record label (Ellefson Music Productions) for retirement should MEGADETH come to an end one day, Ellefson said: "It's very important. In the early days of MEGADETH, we had success in spite of ourselves. [Laughs] We were young, wild, and rocking hard, but there came a point in the '90s when we realized we had to change our lifestyle and how we operated. That provided us with a new mindset around our organization. That has helped us thrive and survive until the current day. "I think MEGADETH has always have had a strong business acumen on top of the creative side," he continued. "The Ellefson family, through the generations, has always been business-minded, educated men. I've gone to college, worked in business, and think it requires a level of being able to step back to be an observer as well as a servant at the same time. "Business is really about serving your customers where rock 'n' roll is about icon worship. [Laughs] I think there is this left-brain-right-brain mentality that I have always enjoyed in my life. To have that balance so when I step away from the stage to do other things, it allows me to enjoy the stage that much more; rather than the stage being the only thing I have in my life." Ellefson is the author of several books, including "My Life With Deth" and "Making Music Your Business...A Guide For Young Musicians". Academically, Ellefson holds a bachelor's degree in business marketing and continues to lecture on a variety of music- and business-related topics. In addition to Ellefson, MEGADETH's current lineup includes guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine, Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA, and former SOILWORK drummer Dirk Verbeuren.

MOTÖRHEAD’s MIKKEY DEE Visits LEMMY Memorial Statue At The Rainbow For First Time (Video)

The second episode of a new documentary, "A Week in Dee World", features video footage of former MOTÖRHEAD and current SCORPIONS drummer Mikkey Dee's first in-person viewing of the Lemmy memorial statue at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, California. Check it out below. Dee told Red Carpet News TV about iconic MOTÖRHEAD frontman Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, who passed away in December 2015 at the age of 70: "Pretty much everything was unique with Lemmy. A lot of people saw him as a bass-player-slash-guitar-player, but to play with this man, he was extremely good. He was so heavy, so unique, and he had a certain way of bending notes and getting into breakdowns in music. He was very, very hard to play with in the beginning, but once we got together and we locked in, after a few years, he was a tremendous bass player and a singer. He was so unique. You can't really put a finger on what exactly made Lemmy, Lemmy, and that's what made him unique. It's easier to say… Some other musicians, you can say, 'Well, that guy or that girl, she's amazing on scales or chops on drums,' or whatever. Lemmy, he was just a very, very unique man in all ways, shapes and forms. And I don't know what to say more about that. You can't explain it. Why does something taste so good? Why?" Dee also talked about the way MOTÖRHEAD's career came to an abrupt halt with Lemmy's death. "I think we went out with a bang, a big crash — a fantastic way of finishing off the band," he said. "I couldn't believe that Lemmy actually could play, knowing that… Well, you know, we struggled on the [last] European tour, but when he walked on stage, he was unbelievably good. And then he suffered from energy loss. But no one thought he was gonna pass away." He continued: "Well, he's up there, he's down here somewhere, just laughing, and I kept saying every snare hit I do from now on until the end of my career will be a small tribute to Lemmy there — the man and friend and bandmate that I had." As previously reported, Dee has been working with art team and publisher SceneFour on an art collection crafted from the new medium of "rhythm-on-canvas." The complete details about the collection, which is expected to be unveiled later in the year, will be released soon.
A Week in Dee World - Episode 2

A Week in Dee World - Episode 2 - In this very special episode, we get to follow Mikkey Dee Official the first time he visited Lemmy's memorial statue at the RAINBOW BAR AND GRILL. What's your best memory of Lemmy? Music in this epsiode: "Overnight Sensation" from "Overnight Sensation" by Motörhead >> "Till the End" from "Bad Magic" by Motörhead >>

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GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRA, the band featuring ALICE IN CHAINS singer William DuVall alongside members of MASTODON and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, made its U.S. live debut last night (Friday, March 17) at The Sunset Room in Austin, Texas during this years South By Southwest (SXSW). Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below. GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRA was forced to cancel its U.S. tour last November after the band's guitarist Brent Hinds (also of MASTODON) broke his leg in a motorcycle incident. GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRA's lineup also includes William DuVall of ALICE IN CHAINS, Ben Weinman of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, DETHKLOK bassist Pete Griffin and former THE MARS VOLTA drummer Thomas Prigden GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRA's debut album, "Broken Lines", was released last September via Party Smasher Inc./ Cooking Vinyl. DuVall told the Rock 98-9 radio station about the disc: "It's a serious, serious album, man. I could not be more proud of this thing. We just pushed each other to new heights all around, and it's amazing… It's such a dynamic record, and it's just so powerful. And these are some of the best lyrics that I've ever written, because I was pushed to write to this really cinematic soundtrack." Regarding GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRA's musical direction, DuVall said: "It has a lot of what people might expect in terms of heavy, progressive… a lot of riffing, a lot of stuff going on… A lot of beats per minute, a lot of beats per second. I mean, Thomas, he can scramble the eggs like nobody else. So there is a lot of that. There's a feast for the senses. For all the musicians and musos out there, we've got you covered. But as much of that heavy, progressive stuff is there, there are also more, shall I say, straightforward, for lack of a better way of putting it, there's more straightforward tunes, but they still have the drive and the attitude and the go-for-the-throat quality. But, you know, a couple of them you might even be able to dance to as much as headbang to. We all have eclectic tastes, and we wanted to represent all of that." GIRAFFE TONGUE ORCHESTRA made its live debut at last year's Reading (August 27) and Leeds (August 28) festivals in the United Kingdom.

RAMMSTEIN: Video Footage, Photos From ‘Paris’ Documentary Premiere In Berlin

The first-ever screening of "Rammstein: Paris", the new documentary from German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN, was held this past Thursday, March 16 at Volksbühne in Berlin, Germany. Video footage from the band's red-carpet arrival can be seen below. Photos are available at Getty Images. "Rammstein: Paris" will screen in around 350 cinemas internationally, including in the U.S., on March 23. The film was shot in March 2012 at the then-named Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in Paris (now AccorHotels Arena) during RAMMSTEIN's "Made In Germany" tour, and was helmed by the band's longtime collaborator, Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund. "Rammstein: Paris" has been picked up for worldwide rights (excluding Germany, Austria and Switzerland) by Picturehouse Entertainment, the distribution arm of the U.K.'s Picturehouse Cinemas chain. "Concert films are always a big challenge," said Åkerlund, who has also worked with METALLICA, SATYRICON, MADONNA and THE PRODIGY, among others. "I compare it to shooting fireworks. The way I approach it is to try to translate the energy that you get in the room onto film, using every trick in the book to make as much of an impression as I can on the audience." "Rammstein: Paris" was shot over two nights, using 30 cameras. "That gives you a massive amount of footage," Åkerlund added."This is a two-hour-twenty-minute show, and I take the footage and cut it with the same precision that I would a three- or four-minute music video. Even with a big crew of editors, it took us over a year to nail down the edit." RAMMSTEIN last year played a number of concerts where the band opened each show with a brand new song, presently only known as "Ramm 4". The track contains lyrics that seem to be a combination of various titles of previous RAMMSTEIN songs. RAMMSTEIN in 2015 released a 21st-anniversary box set, a numbered, career-wide collection titled "XXI". The set included the band's six studio albums, produced by Jacob Hellner and remastered onto 180-gram heavyweight double vinyl by Svante Forsbäck, as well as a separate rarities double LP, "Raritäten", including a previously unreleased version of the track "Los". RAMMSTEIN hasn't made a new CD since 2009's "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da". The band's frontman Till Lindemann in 2015 released a debut album with his side project LINDEMANN. RAMMSTEIN guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe's EMIGRATE project issued its sophomore album, "Silent So Long", in November 2014 via Spinefarm.

Rammstein alert!!! See the band live at the red carpet before they will screen their new concert film "Rammstein: Paris" in Berlin:

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Ukraine’s JINJER Releases ‘Pisces’ Live-Session Video

Ukraine-based, female-fronted "groove metal" band JINJER has released the song "Pisces" off its latest album, "King Of Everything", as a special live session video. Commented the group: "I believe we had this idea to record a new version of 'Pisces' when we first rehearsed the song with Vlad Ulasevich as a new drummer. His drumming makes the song sound really different. So we finally had some free time last winter, we went to Istok studio in Kiev, did a live recording and shooting, then added over some extra lines, like a few backing vocals and guitars, then Max from Morton Studio made this new magnificent version of mixing and here we are — 'Pisces' video. I hope you will enjoy it!" "Pisces" is taken from JINJER's third album, "King Of Everything", which was released last July via Napalm Records. JINJER bassist Eugene Kostyuk told Metal Horizons in an interview that his band doesn't like being compared to other female-fronted groups. He explained: "Firstly, we don't actually see the point in differentiating a band by a gender of a front person. It's music and it doesn't have a dick, tits or whatsoever. It is higher than this. However, our music has balls, if you know what I mean. Secondly, I personally hate what that 'female-fronted' devision turned into now — a bunch of naked and voiceless chicks doing a peep show on stage. I am not saying all of them, but quite a lot... so we prefer to stand aside." Kostyuk also talked about JINJER's musical influences. He said: "Oh, there are lot of them. I think it is reasonable to start from out early years inspirations. Back [in] those days, ten [or] fifteen years ago it was GUANO APES for Tatiana [Shmailyuk, vocals] definitely, [and] SLAYER, DEATH, PANTERA for all of us. I used to be a big fan of doom metal. Actually, Tatiana loves ANATHEMA too. She and I are big fans of OPETH, my favorite band of all times. Roman [Ibramkhalilov, guitar] loves LAMB OF GOD. We all listen a lot to GOJIRA, KARNIVOOL, TWELVE FOOT NINJA and TEXTURES. Tati also listens a lot to non-metal music; she loves soul, rhythm and blues, funk and jazz. We are fond of tons of different music... It often happens that we listen to CYPRESS HILL and HOUSE OF PAIN in our tour van." Regarding the JINJER name, Eugene said: "There was no real meaning at first, as far as I know. The thing is that none of us was in the band when it was called JINJER, but from I was told, it was just name. You know, when parents name a child John, they don't usually put anything in it, just a good name. Though later on, fans found a sort of a meaning, namely associating it with a distorted guitar sound: 'jin-jer-jin-jer.'"
jinjerband2017promo_638 jinjerkingofeverythingcd

ADRENALINE RUSH: Listen To New Song ‘Stand My Ground’

"Stand My Ground", a new song from Swedish female-fronted rockers ADRENALINE RUSH, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's second album, "Soul Survivor", which will be released on April 21 via Frontiers Music Srl. Following the successful release of the band's 2014 self-titled debut, ADRENALINE RUSH is now ready to unleash its next infectious slice of hard, sleaze, melodic rock on the rock 'n roll masses! This time, blond bombshell vocalist Tåve Wanning mainly collaborated with Fredrik Folkare (FIRESPAWN, UNLEASHED), who brought fresh influences to the table that fit very well with Tåve's ideas. The music has evolved and grown beyond what appeared on the debut. It is still melodic and definitely has an '80s flavor, but also is a bit more complex, darker, and heavier than the previous album. The production is edgier and the guitar work once again pristine. Erik Martensson (ECLIPSE) was once again involved as a sounding board, co-writing a song and mastering the finished tracks. "I didn't want to make another album just like the first one," Tåve says. "I've grown since we recorded the first, I am in a different place. And I feel the album reflects that. The new tracks really complement the old instead of replacing them; they add a new dimension and gives us a broader spectrum of songs to choose from when playing live." The band has also seen some changes. Ludvig and Soufian left the band to focus on other endeavors and have been replaced by Sam Soderlindh (lead guitar) and Joel Fox (bass). Sam is a new face to most, a young guitarist with fast fingers and a lot of potential. Joel, on the other hand, has been around for a while in bands like DYNAZTY and SINIESTRO. Alexander Hagman and Marcus Johansson complete the band's lineup on guitar and drums, respectively. ADRENALINE RUSH is set to perform a few club gigs in Sweden before appearing at the fourth annual Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy on April 30. "Soul Survivor" track listing: 01. Adrenaline 02. Love Like Poison 03. Breaking The Chains 04. Soul Survivor 05. Stand My Ground 06. My Life 07. Break The Silence 08. Sinner 09. Shock Me 10. Wild Side 11. Don't Wake Me Up 12. Crash 13. Soul Survivor (acoustic version - bonus track digital version) ADRENALINE RUSH is: Tåve Wanning - lead vocals Sam Soderlindh - lead guitar, vocals Alexander Hagman - guitar, vocals Joel Fox - bass, vocals Marcus Johansson - drums
adrenalinerushsoulsurvivorcd adrenalinerushband2017_638

MASSACRE X Feat. RICK ROZZ, KAM LEE: Live Debut Set For Germany’s PROTZEN OPEN AIR Festival

MASSACRE X, the revamped version of their classic late 1980s/early 1990s death metal band MASSACRE, will make its live debut on June 24 at the Protzen Open Air festival in Protzen, Germany. Additional shows will take place later in the year. MASSACRE X (the "X" is silent and represents the band's tenth lineup) features former MASSACRE members Rick Rozz DeLillo (guitar) and Kam Lee (vocals) alongside Rozz's THE END bandmates Michael Grim (bass/vocals) and Mike Mazzonetto (drums). The main objective of MASSACRE X is to rekindle the sound, style, aggression, and passion that originally elevated MASSACRE to cult status in the death metal scene two and a half decades ago. MASSACRE X is managed and represented by World Entertainment's Gunter Ford and Alexander Ford. Booking in Europe is being handled by Paul Ryan at UTI, while booking in the USA and Canada is being taken care of by Mark Hyman and Andrea Roberts at ATI. MASSACRE X's plan is to play the "From Beyond" album, along with a few old classics from DEATH and the pre-DEATH outfit MANTAS. MASSACRE's last incarnation included Rozz and Mazzonetto alongside bassist Terry Butler and vocalist Ed Webb. That lineup lasted for four years and released a critically acclaimed album, 2014's "Back From Beyond", via Century Media Records. massacrexlivedebutposterjune2017


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TRIVIUM Guitarist Hopes Drummer ALEX BENT Sticks Around Long Enough To Record Next Album

On February 21, Holland's FaceCulture conducted an interview with guitarist Corey Beaulieu of Florida metallers TRIVIUM. You can watch the chat in two parts below. Asked how the addition of the TRIVIUM's latest drummer, Alex Bent (BATTLECROSS, DECREPIT BIRTH), will affect the creative process for the band's next studio album, Corey said: "Well, from close friends that are in the music industry, he's definitely come highly recommended multiple times. "Before we had the previous drummer [Paul Wandtke], [Alex] was a name that was brought up [that was] highly recommended before, but he was playing in another band [at the time] that we were friends with, so we didn't wanna drummer-pooch anybody and put them in a shitty situation. So we were, like, 'All right. We'll keep looking.' But the stars aligned that we had an opportunity to [say to Alex], 'Here's what we're gonna be playing on the next tour. Why don't you come down to Florida and let's see what happens, and jam, see how it feels, have a chance to hang out, see how everyone gets along. "Everyone [was telling us] prior [to that], 'I think you guys will get along great.' He's an amazing drummer, obviously, from videos we saw. So once he came down and we jammed, everything sounded really good from the start. He played the whole set from start to finish without having to… He played everything perfect. So we were, like, 'Yes, I think this will be really cool.' He definitely played everything… knocked it out of the park. And we were just, like, 'We'll do the tour.' And it gave us six weeks to mesh as a unit to see how it's gonna work and fit. And so far we've been having a great time. People that have seen us play over the years a lot have had rave reviews. Over in the U.K., some people were saying it was the best TRIVIUM show they've seen since… Our manager even said it was the best TRIVIUM show he's seen in ten years, and that's a lot of shows to compare it to." He continued: "We've done eight shows [with Alex so far], but all the shows have been very good and he's been very consistent — he plays every set awesome. So I think with a drummer like that where he can play anything and he's got all the skills in the world, for us, as songwriters, a player of that caliber, you just get the green light… you don't have to hold anything back. If you have a drummer that's got issues with certain aspects of playing or something's not their strong suit, when you're writing, you're, like, 'Well, I can't really do a part like this because I don't think it's gonna come off right or he'll be able to pull it off.' So with someone like Alex, I think, in the songwriting process, it definitely takes any of the training wheels off, where you can just be, like, 'Well, if I wanna fucking play something that's super-fucking ridiculously fast and double bass and go nuts, he can play it.' So, as a songwriter, you can pretty much just have free will to just do whatever. So I think that'll be really cool, especially for the three of us, writing songs. There's stuff we can write and do that I think we haven't really shown anyone yet. And I think someone like Alex, hopefully, if everyone agrees — him as well — after this tour, we'll see where it goes. But if we end up writing and recording with him, I think it'll be… from playing these shows, that aspect of the band will benefit really into something pretty awesome." Corey added: "I don't wanna promise too much, 'cause we've had a long history of drummers, and you don't wanna lead anyone on — the fans or anyone — about, 'Oh, he's gonna be the guy.' But we hope so. He's been doing it great, so we're just taking it one step at a time. We're just doing the tour, and then when it comes to writing music, I think it could be a really good thing. We're all hoping that it gets to that point." Wandtke made his live debut with TRIVIUM in December 2015 at Knotfest in Mexico. A short time later, he appeared in an official promotional photo with the three core members of the band. Paul joined the Florida outfit on the recommendation of DREAM THEATER's Mike Mangini and replaced Mat Madiro, who departed due to reasons of "creativity." Madiro was the featured drummer on TRIVIUM's latest album, "Silence In The Snow", which was released in October 2015 via Roadrunner.

DEAD CROSS Feat. MIKE PATTON, DAVE LOMBARDO: New Song ‘Shillelagh’ Available For Streaming

"Shillelagh", a brand new song from DEAD CROSS, the Southern California outfit featuring drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, MISFITS), and singer Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE), can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below. The track will appear on DEAD CROSS's forthcoming debut album, which will be released later in the year via via Ipecac Recordings. The effort was helmed by producer Ross Robinson, who has previously worked with KORN, DEFTONES, SEPULTURA and LIMP BIZKIT, among others, and was mastered at Golden Mastering in Ventura, California. DEAD CROSS, which is rounded out by Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, RETOX, HEAD WOUND CITY) and Michael Crain (RETOX, FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER), last year parted ways with singer Gabe Serbian. Asked how Patton's addition to DEAD CROSS has changed the band's sound, Pearson told the Faith No More Followers web site: "It's hard to explain. The band is still finding its own skin to fit into. No matter whom you bring into a band, the sound becomes who all are part of it. Let's revisit this question after the album comes out, after we play shows with the new lineup, and after we can reflect on things." Pearson also talked about DEAD CROSS's collaboration with Robinson. He said: "Ross is one of the most amazing people I've worked with. I'm so grateful for his involvement with the things I have been able to do with him. He has certainly helped me grow and opened my eyes and mind to so many things, musical and non-musical. And the non-musical aspects are as important as the musical, if not more. However, he didn't track Patton's vocals. The music was tracked and produced with Ross when we were working with Gabe. Once Gabe left the band, there was a shift and since then, Patton has tracked the vocals on his own."