We’ve decided calling this month October just isn’t enough! With all the talk of pumpkins, falling leaves and Halloween, October just doesn’t get its justice!
We think October rocks… so we’re renaming it ROCKtober… and to make this month even more special… we’re celebrating K-ROCK’s 30th Birthday!

Here’s the best part; YOU’RE GETTING THE PRESENTS!

Three times a day, at 6:45 on the K-ROCK Morning Show, during the Old School Lunch at 12:45 and around 3:45 with Sloan, you’ll have the chance to win one of the following:

A pair of Zombie Toxin Speed Passes

Metallica’s 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition Black album

Metallica S & M 2 double live concert album or Concert Film

Just listen for us to tell you call in on the studio line at 785-776-1015 and win!

We’re rockin’ out all month long… cuz it’s ROCKtober!