by Kevin Fielder • EMAWOnline – Managing Editor – @TheKevinFielder

Kansas State head coach Chris Klieman met with the media during the team’s bye week.

Although Kansas State will not play this week, the press conference offered an opportunity for Klieman to give additional thoughts on the team’s performance in the conference opener against UCF.

Opening Statement: “Good afternoon, everyone. Looking back at the film on Saturday, a couple things really showed up. One, we played really physical, really hard. We competed really well. I thought we did some really good things up front on the offensive line. When a kid rushes for over 200 yards, you’re doing some really good things. We stayed committed to the run — that was something that was really going to be important to us was staying committed to the run so that we could keep the ball as long as we kept it. Then, on defense, a couple of turnovers were huge. I thought the play that Desmond Purnell made, when they were driving to score again, was a huge play in plus territory to get that ball back. The play by Jacob Parrish getting an interception was really good. Our front seven is playing really well. We’re playing hard in the secondary. We are making some plays. We’re not making probably as many as we would like to make, and our focus needs to be on eliminating the explosive play. That’s some of the things that we’re going to do this week with our practices. We will have some good on good, K-State vs. K-State. We will have some young guys, K-State vs. K-State, and we’ll also push the envelope and start working on some Oklahoma State.”

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