TOPEKA, Kan. – The 35-second shot clock has been approved on a trial basis for the 2024-25 basketball season by KSHSAA Executive Board at their board meeting Wednesday.

All KSHSAA member schools will have the option to utilize the shot clock for all home boys and girls basketball games at the varsity level. The trial will only be during the regular season. If a school chooses to participate in the trial they must do so for all boys and girls varsity games they host.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) approved the use of the shot clock for state adoption in 2022. The KSHSAA has surveyed school administrators and coaches for their opinions on adopting the shot clock since the before allowance by the NFHS. Most recently, at the October Regional Administrator meetings, the question was favored for adoption by classes 6A and 5A (YES 47 NO 22). However, the total vote for all classes did not favor implementation (YES 116 NO 279). The Executive Board felt comfortable seeing how the shot clock would work on a trial basis but did not feel like only allowing it for a couple of classes, which led to a trial plan for all classes.

Schools opting in will be required to fill out a short survey after each game to collect data on the experience of using the shot clock. Data to include score, number of violations, number of officials conferences to discuss shot clock issues, noted problems and anecdotal information about the impact of the shot clock to the game’s outcome.

The shot clock will not be utilized in any classification for any round of the 2024-2025 post-season. Following the 2024-25 season, the KSHSAA Executive Board will consider future adoption of the shot clock for regular and postseason basketball games.

The KSHSAA will collect data and observations throughout the season before deciding about a permanent implementation following the 2024-25 season.

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