Taxes are due soon, and Riley County Treasurer Shiloh Heger advised the community during Monday’s Riley County Commission meeting.
Heger says this is her twice a year reminder to residents about the upcoming due date of December 20.
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Heger says no motor vehicle transactions can be processed until those taxes are paid and gave two options for residents for payment.
One is to mail a check to 110 Courthouse Plaza, postmarked by December 20. Residents can also drop off payments at the drop box in front of Courthouse Plaza.
Residents can also pay with PayPal. Additional fees apply and payers can spread out their payments as a line of credit to be paid over six months.
Delinquent real estate taxes will accrue 11% or 15% interest if the total outstanding is more than $10,000 and personal property will accrue 6% or 10% interest if the total outstanding for the amount is more than $10,000.

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