Fort Riley officials hosted the Secretary of the Army Wednesday for a tour of the installation, including the remodeled 4+2 barracks Wednesday afternoon.
Army Secretary Christine E Wormuth visited one of the newly remodeled barracks and spoke about the state of the Army’s overall infrastructure.
      0830 Wormuth

The 4+2 barracks include four rooms with two bathrooms shared between a fireteam. The 2+1 barracks are for Non-Commissioned Officers, and are two rooms shared with one bathroom. The 2+1 rooms also have extra space for soldiers to gather with their NCOs.
This tour is to examine the current infrastructure and amenities for our soldiers. Moran spoke about how recruitment has been suffering for the Army, even as Fort Riley sports the highest soldier retention rate.
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Wormuth spoke about the importance of ensuring our solidiers and families are being taken care of, for both military readiness and to improve recruitment and retention.