Senator Jerry Moran visited with KMAN this week about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), recently passed by the Senate.

The bipartisan bill authorizes a 5% pay raise for soldiers, as well as construction funds for a number of projects for the military. The bill also allows for supply chain alterations that would allow stockpiles to increase in Taiwan and Ukraine, as well as other ally nations.

Moran explains about how the bill would impact Fort Riley.

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Moran says the military, and the Army in particular, is challenged by waning recruitment numbers, with estimates of up to 40,000 fewer soldiers in the military currently.

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The Senate bill also would include significant infrastructure upgrades at Fort Riley, such as money for a new aircraft maintenance hangar, a new air traffic control tower and for power generation. Moran says there is also money included for the post’s Bob Dole rail yard.

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The House has passed their own version of the bill, and the two chambers will reconcile a final bill in the fall after the August recess. There are some issues that will need to be resolved before this reconciliation can happen.

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When Congress reconvenes after Labor Day, the clock will be ticking for action from both chambers on a spending bill ahead of the end of the fiscal year, which occurs on Sept. 30.

The full interview with Sen. Moran on KMAN’s Morning News can be found below.

      0731 Sen Moran joins KMAN Morning News