Wreath laying ceremony for Dr. King Week at KState

Wreath laying ceremony for Dr. King Week at KState
Photo by Bernie Fancella/KMAN

Friday marked the end of the MLK Observance Week at Kansas State University with the annual laying of wreaths at the MLK bust outside of Ahearn Fieldhouse.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr has a deep connection to K-State, as it was the last university he spoke at before his assassination in April 1968. Each year, the university honors Dr. King’s legacy with a ceremony. This year, one of the organizers was K-State’s Student Belonging and Inclusion Assistant Vice President Mirta Chavez:

      0127 Chavez 1

The university has memorialized Dr. King with a bust outside of the Ahearn Fieldhouse. Associate Professor in the College of Architecture Planning and Design La Barbara James Wigfall:

      0127 Wigfall 1

Wigfall says the university will be moving the bust to the Gardens of Engagement in the future.

Members of King’s fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, were responsible for the lighting of candles in Dr. King’s memory. Wreaths were then presented to university faculty, staff, students, and community members.

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