Peter Oppelt (via LinkedIn)

News Radio KMAN has invited candidates seeking a seat on the Manhattan City Commission and Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 school board to be interviewed ahead of Election Day.

Peter Oppelt is a candidate for city commission.

* What motivated you to seek election to the Manhattan City Commission?

      Oppelt Question 1

* If elected, what are some things you’re hoping to accomplish?

      Oppelt Question 2

* When it comes to the overall city budget or different funding sources, do you see opportunities for efficiencies and if so, where at?

      Oppelt Question 3

* We’ve seen more paid parking in Manhattan over the past year and likely more to come. Is that a good strategy when it comes to finding revenue sources to upkeep streets, garages, etc.? Should that be explored in other parts of the city?


      Oppelt Question 4

* Housing has been a hot topic of late. How would you like to see the city make some real progress on bringing more affordable housing to the community?

      Oppelt Question 5

* How would you define affordable housing given the current state of Manhattan’s local economy?

      Oppelt Question 6

* How do you feel about the city’s East Gateway Plan and opportunities to grow further east into Pottawatomie County? Is it the right strategy and why?

      Oppelt Question 7

* When it comes to attracting business to Manhattan, what are some of the biggest hurdles the city needs to overcome to ensure it can compete with other communities of similar size?

      Oppelt Question 8

Follow up: What do you think is prohibiting that at the moment?

      Oppelt Question 8 follow up

* Anything else I haven’t asked you that would be good for voters to know about you?

      Oppelt Question 9

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