Officials say a multimillion dollar runway reconstruction project at the Manhattan Regional Airport is still behind schedule and may not reopen by the targeted Sept. 6 deadline.

Engineer Diane Hofer, with design firm Olsson, provided a progress report at Monday’s Airport Advisory Board meeting.

      0814-Hofer no timetable

Airport officials noted that phase 3, which includes the crosswind runway construction, is about 25 days behind schedule but should wrap up by mid-week. Director Brandon Keazer says they had hoped to have phase 3 done by Monday.

      0814-Keazer project

Keazer explains some of the reasons for the over three week delay.

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Hofer says for everyday the project is delayed, it’s resulting in added liquidated damages for Clarkson Construction, the airport’s hired contractor.

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Keazer says the city’s contract had budgeted for Clarkson to work extended and overnight hours to meet deadlines, but they chose not to. Hofer explains some of their reasoning.

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She also explains some of the work still needing to be completed.

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Keazer adds that contingencies are in motion to ensure rent abatements for tenants impacted by the closure continue until the project is completed.