The Manhattan City Commission will vote on a pair of amendments to contracts related to construction in Aggieville when they meet Tuesday. (See below agenda attachment)

Two years ago the city entered into a design contract with Olsson and a Construction Manager at Risk contract with BHS for 12th Street infrastructure improvements between Moro and Laramie Street, and Laramie from 12th Street to North Manhattan Avenue. The project was paused when the Midtown construction project was stopped last spring.

The city had paid close to $128,000 of its $567,000 owed to Olsson as of June, but with new agreements on the table now for that project and at the Handi-Corner, scheduled to begin in April, Olsson is asking for an additional $357,000 to cover additional infrastructure on 12th Street and both alleys north of Midtown and the Handi-Corner.

BHS is requesting an amended contract not to exceed close to $107,000 that includes both the increase in public infrastructure scope and oversight and construction management of private utility work in both alleys.

Commissioners will also consider applying for an $80,000 State Historic Preservation Office grant to hire a consultant to develop an historic preservation plan for the city.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in City Hall.

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