K-State president Richard Linton at the NextGen presentation on Friday September 8, 2023 (K-State)
Kansas State University unveiled the new K-State NextGen Strategic Plan after over a year of development.
Kansas State University president Richard Linton spoke about the plan on Thursday and said it was necessary in helping the university move into the future.
      0907 2 President Richard Linton

According to K-State’s website, the plan has been in fruition since July 2022. More than 10,000 surveys, interviews, focus groups and listening sessions were conducted to get a wide range of perspectives and thoughts to turn Kansas State into a next generation land-grant university.
Linton said that this process was about having the university embrace the makings of a land grant university.
      0907 1 President Richard Linton

Unveiling of the plan was at 3 pm from Forum Hall in the K-State Student Union.