Flint Hills Breadbasket has secured the location of its new building in Manhattan.

The organization said in a Facebook post Friday that it has completed the purchase of the Furniture Warehouse buildings at 2326 Skyvue Lane and 620 Rosencutter Road. The move will allow the Breadbasket to expand and continue to meet a growing need for food in the community. Steve Williams, the second generation owner of Furniture Warehouse, told The Mercury that he and his wife have been working on a 10-year-plan to move toward retirement.

It began selling off its remaining inventory on June 6. The “quitting business sale” will last approximately 90 days.

The Breadbasket announced last month that it would be vacating its space at 905 Yuma Street after 40 years in that location. Executive Director Karla Hagemeister pointed to a growing need for food assistance, which she says more than tripled between May 2022 and April 2024.

A move-in date hasn’t been announced but could happen as soon as this fall.

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