Riley County has temporarily closed the Fairmont Park Dog Park, after a dog who visited the park was diagnosed with a canine parvovirus.

The highly contagious viral infection affects puppies and unvaccinated dogs and is known to spread through direct contact with an infected dog, as well as through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. The county closed the park as a precautionary measure.

Pet owners are strongly encouraged to keep their dogs away from the Fairmont Park dog park during the closure, which is in place through the weekend and follow their veterinarian’s guidance on vaccinations and preventive measures.

Any pet owners who have visited the dog park since last Saturday should monitor their dog for signs and symptoms of canine parvovirus, which include loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea.

So far no reports of contamination associated with the CiCo Park Dog Park have been noted. It remains open to the public.

The Fairmont Park Dog Park is scheduled to reopen Monday.