A long time Manhattan-Ogden school board member has retained his seat on the board.
Curt Herrman was re-elected to a fifth term by a narrow 33 vote margin over Frank Beer, according to final results after the election canvass in Riley and Pottawatomie counties Thursday.
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While the margin was close, Herrman says he’s sweated out even closer races in the past, noting in 2007, his first year running for the board, he was ahead by nine votes and ended up winning by 13 votes after the canvassing was completed. He says during the past week and a half, he’s continued to press forward as though he would be retaining his board seat.
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Herrman finished with 2,848 votes. Beer finished with 2,815. There were no changes in the Manhattan City Commission race following Thursday’s canvass.
Full election results can be found HERE. The school board abstract includes precincts from all counties in each of the school districts housed in Riley County.

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