Potential parking fees for the downtown garage will be considered at the next Manhattan City Commission meeting.

The first reading of an ordinance is scheduled to take place Tuesday, with city officials discussing the potential purchase of license plate reader equipment for the garage, which is attached to the Hilton Garden Inn and Manhattan Conference Center. The new equipment would have an upfront cost of over $63,000 for two pay stations and close to $24,000 for signage.

Commissioners will consider a $2 per hour rate for use of the downtown garage with a $10 daily maximum fee. Additional rates would be charged for employees, hotel guests and for conferences. The city estimates this would generate close to $300,000 in annual revenue to pay for maintenance needs, based on a 50% occupancy for the garage.

The city previously reported the downtown garage has more than $1.4 million in estimated deferred maintenance. It is currently free to park in the garage.

City commissioners meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday night at Manhattan City Hall.

A copy of the city’s upcoming presentation is available below.

3. Downtown Garage 2024 Discussion

Commissioners also will conduct a public hearing Tuesday to consider levying special assessments for 13 public improvement districts in the city.

The consent agenda also includes a resolution in support of Medicaid expansion (see below). During discussions at last week’s work session, three of the five commissioners — Susan Adamchak, Karen McCulloh and Peter Oppelt expressed support for such a resolution. Commissioner John Matta was more hesitant to have the city get involved in what he called a partisan political fight. Mayor Wynn Butler was neutral on the issue.

1. 020624-A- Support of Medicaid Expansion

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