Riley County Police have been seeing more thefts of catalytic converters in the past week.

Officers filed a report for theft Wednesday in the 1500 block of Yuma Street. A 48-year-old man told police that thieves cut off catalytic converters from two of his vans. The estimated total loss is around $5,400.

Similarly on Tuesday, officers took a report in the 600 block of Pottawatomie Ave. after BHS Construction reported two of its trucks were also victimized. The estimated loss was unknown at the time of the police report.

Officers did arrest two individuals in connection to the Monday theft of a catalytic converter from a Carpet One van in the 500 block of Fort Riley Blvd. RCPD says 37-year-old Misty Pankratz and 38-year-old John McKellipswere each charged with theft and criminal damage to property

Police say anyone with information regarding the other thefts should contact Crime Stoppers.