With less than two weeks to go, Airport Director Brandon Keazer says runway reconstruction is now closing in on being completed in time for American Airlines to begin resuming flights.

Keazer updated the Airport Advisory Board on the status of the runway project Monday morning. While the current project is officially 3 weeks behind schedule, Keazer says some work has been streamlined in recent weeks to bring the project back on schedule.

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American Airlines is scheduled to resume flights Sept. 25.

The multi million dollar runway reconstruction project has been underway since officials closed the airport in mid-May. Federal grants are covering over $30 million with the city’s share at approximately $3 million.

Airport Advisory Board Chair Rich Jankovich notes that the runway was originally scheduled to be rebuilt 10 years ago.

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Runway 21 center lines, taxi lights, and runway lights are all complete.  A flight check is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 a.m. This will check all instrument approaches, and results will take 24-48 hours as the data will need processed.

Keazer also provided updates for the taxiways, noting that Taxiway Alpha just needs to be painted and to have lights installed. Taxiway Delta has been removed. Taxiways Echo and Foxtrot have been completed and are ready.

Keazer also updated the Airport Advisory Board about the upcoming hangar project, noting that designs have been submitted to the FAA and were recently approved. The next step will be bid opening, to take place in November or December. Keazer explains the reason the date to start bids cannot be finalized.

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Hangar construction is set to start in Spring 2024, and should complete by Fall 2024 through the end of the year. A total of eight new hangers are included in the project.