THE 69 EYES Frontman JYRKI 69 Releases Video For ‘Last Halloween’ Solo Song

Goth rock icon Jyrki 69, lead vocalist for Helsinki, Finland's brooding metal band THE 69 EYES, has premiered a video for his first-ever solo song, "Last Halloween". The track is featured on his debut solo record, "Helsinki Vampire", which will be released on June 23 via Cleopatra Records. The video for "Last Halloween" features clips from the upcoming rock 'n' roll slasher/horror film "Halloween Pussytrap! Kill! Kill!" that has been described as "Saw" meets "Green Room". The film stars "21 Jump Street"'s Richard Grieco and the voice of MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine! "There's never enough anthems for Halloween and Halloween is every weekend you go to a gothic club!" says Jyrki 69. "So here's something for the clubs' dancefloors and so sing along while getting killed by your favorite Halloween movie monster. Oh, that October 15 that I mention in the song? That's my birthday! So guess my favorite month and season, haha…" "Helsinki Vampire" was produced, mixed, and mastered by longtime THE 69 EYES producer Johnny Lee Michaels. The record builds on the distinctive "goth n' roll" sound that THE 69 EYES honed over the course of a dozen albums while adding a more richly textured, darkly romantic atmosphere. In addition to "Last Halloween", other tracks from "Helsinki Vampire" will be used in upcoming movies, including the vampire thriller "Sunset Society" (starring Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD). "Helsinki Vampire" will be released on both CD and vinyl. Track listing: 01. Ad Infinitum 02. Versailles 03. Spanish Steps 04. Bloodlust (from "Sunset Society") 05. Last Halloween (from "Halloween Hell House") 06. Happy Birthday 07. Call Of The Night 08. Perfection 09. Close Your Eyes (from "Close Your Eyes") 10. In Your Dreams 11. Sayonara (CD only)

EUROPE To Release ‘The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show – Live At The Roundhouse’ In July

On July 21, Swedish hard rock veterans EUROPE will share their unique 30th-anniversary performance of "The Final Countdown" from London's legendary Roundhouse. "The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show - Live At The Roundhouse" celebrates the multi-platinum album's triple-decade success. The band played the album in its sequential entirety at a series of selected cities in 2016, with London's most historically venerated venue playing host to an exceptionally special night on November 12, 2016, which was captured by Patric Ullaeus from rEvolver Film Company AB. Preceding the landmark event, fans were also treated to a live performance of EUROPE's latest album, "War Of Kings", a release which re-established EUROPE as one of the top classic rock bands in the world. EUROPE singer Joey Tempest in a statement: "What an awesome night! It was more enjoyable than we thought to revisit the whole 'Final Countdown' album live! On top of that, to be able to share our whole 'War Of Kings' album with this amazing audience the same night just made this show one of the most memorable nights of our career!" The limited-edition release will arrive in the following formats and available to pre-order very soon: * DVD/2CD - full concert on all discs (1 visual, 2 audio) packaged in an 8-panel CD-sized digipack, including a 24-page booklet * Blu-ray/2CD - full concert on all discs (1 visual, 2 audio) packaged in an 8-panel CD-sized digipack, including a 24-page booklet * A digital audio-only release * A 12-inch-sized boxset, limited to 1,000 units, will also be available in September. It will contain the Blu-ray/2CD configuration, a double gatefold vinyl with only "The Final Countdown" portion of the concert, a 40-page 12-inch-sized hardcover photo book, a vintage replica scarf and a laminate/guest pass. EUROPE recently finished recording its new album for an October release. The follow-up to 2015's "War Of Kings" was laid down at London, England's legendary Abbey Road studios and was produced by Dave Cobb, who also helmed the band's last disc.

SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR: ‘The Mask Is Part Of The Art; It’s A Representation Of Who I Am’

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor appeared on this past Monday's (May 22) episode of Viceland's "The Therapist" to talk in depth about his life behind his public persona, including his history of self-harm and his suicide attempt. Asked about the significance of wearing a literal mask when he is performing with SLIPKNOT, Taylor said: "With SLIPKNOT, at least for most of us in the band, the mask is part of the art — it's not just the visual and the shock; it's a representation of who I am in that album. So, for me, it's as natural as having a different hairstyle for one album and tour cycle, wearing different clothes for an album and tour cycle. It's a part of the dynamic. It's one of the things that you look forward to. Not just writing the songs, not just putting the music together, not just putting the visuals together, but what… who am I in this album? And on the last album [2014's '.5: The Gray Chapter'], the one that dealt with Paul's [Gray, SLIPKNOT bassist] death, the mask that I had was two layers, so I could pull one off and there was another mask there. And it was the mask behind the mask — being open to a point, but never really sharing that pain. Even when push comes to shove, pulling that layer away, and it's still… there's still something behind it that I'm not willing to share. And that album, 'The Gray Chapter', was basically my way of processing everything and hopefully helping the band process it and putting it into perspectives that we can understand. It was me trying to give my friends a voice and letting them know that I was with them and that things weren't gonna be okay, but we were gonna move on." In the program, which premiered on May 8, Los Angeles-based licensed therapist Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh sits down with some of today's most influential musicians and artists to take a deeper look into their psyches, their pasts and their presents to discover what makes them tick. He leads them through compelling discussions, inviting them to look at how they've faced some of the most formative, troubling or difficult experiences from throughout their lives. Each of the artists who sit with Dr. Siri quickly realize they are in the presence of a man who is knowledgeable, deeply sensitive, compassionate and highly intuitive. This fact alone provides them with an unparalleled level of comfort allowing them to truly be a part of the experience. Aside from a cameraman, there was absolutely no one else in the room throughout each shoot. There were no "re-takes," no "re-shoots," no "producing." Each artist was fully immersed in a full-length therapy session which enabled Dr. Siri to truly engage them and break down the emotional barriers and walls we all carry. There has long been a stigma surrounding mental health care. Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh and his patients take steps forward to normalize a process which they feel all people should be able to take advantage of, asking for help and trying to truly understand oneself.

BEARTOOTH Frontman: ‘Depression And Anxiety Isn’t Something You Just Get Away From’

Columbus, Ohio-based hard rockers BEARTOOTH have released a video for "Sick Of Me", directed by Marc Klasfeld and featuring live footage shot by Kevin Slack. The documentary-style clip follows the stories of four individuals struggling with depression and how each has channeled their energy into something positive to overcome it. "It's rare that I am able to create a music video that allows other people to get their story across with such a positive message," notes Klasfeld. "I really hope it can help anyone afflicted with depression in some way." BEARTOOTH frontman Caleb Shomo comments on his own battle with the disease: "Depression and anxiety isn't something you just get away from. It's just inside you. For me, it's just always in my brain churning. It's about fighting it and overcoming it; you can't run away from it. You have to deal with it. This song is a big way to help. At least for me, music has been implanted in my body and what I've connected with. When I go on stage, everything goes away. If you can choose that you will not let depression and anxiety run your life, you're going to make it. It's your body and your life and your choice." Adds the band: "We would like to thank our guests Ernesto, Katie, and Portia for sharing their stories of their struggles with depression. "If you or someone you love is experiencing signs of depression, please visit To support, you can purchase a limited-edition 'Sick Of Me' t-shirt here. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to NAMI." The deluxe edition of BEARTOOTH's latest album, "Aggressive", will arrive on May 26. The set will contain six bonus tracks, including an acoustic version of "Hated". Also included are an acoustic version of "Sick Of Me", live takes of the album's title track and "Rock Is Dead" from a BBC session, as well as concert renditions of "Fair Weather Friend" and "King Of Anything", recorded in the band's hometown. For "Aggressive", Shomo again retreated to his home studio to write, perform and produce the album's twelve tracks, re-teaming with John Feldmann (THE USED, BLINK-182) for a bit of songwriting contribution and enlisting David Bendeth (KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, PARAMORE) to mix the release.

EIGHTEEN VISIONS Releases ‘The Disease, The Decline And The Wasted Time’ Video

Orange County, California metal band EIGHTEEN VISIONS has released the official video for "The Disease, The Decline And The Wasted Time", the third song from the group's comeback album, "XVIII", set for a June 2 release on Rise Records. "The Disease, The Decline And The Wasted Time" follows the release of "Crucified" and lead track "Oath", and all three songs are available as instant downloads when pre-ordering the album. Fans can catch the band playing an electrifying mix of new songs and fan favorites on June 2, when they take the stage for the first time in ten years for a record release show at The Observatory in Orange County. "XVIII", the reunited and reenergized band's first new album in over a decade, is both mission statement and battle cry. It's a blistering, dense, and diverse album. Recharged and newly partnered with Rise Records, EIGHTEEN VISIONS sound liberated from the expectations of the outside world and driven only by their own personal and artistic directive. This is the album promised by the raw alchemy of every other EIGHTEEN VISIONS record. The unrelenting force and unashamed ambition that fueled every stylistic incarnation of this always evolving and never boring band: it's finally fully realized in the sound of "XVIII". The album was made at home in Orange County, with U.K. transplant and multi-instrumentalist producer Mick Kenney at the helm. His close relationship with the guys in the band (vocalist James Hart, guitarist Keith Barney and drummer Trevor Friedrich) lent itself to the most fully realized recording in their discography, emphasizing every strength of EIGHTEEN VISIONS' unique arsenal. Among the album's many highlights is "Live Again", a moving tribute to bassist Mick Morris, who passed in 2013; "Picture Perfect", a super-heavy, dirgy assault on fakery and wolves in sheep's clothing, dripping with menacing melody; and "Fake Leather Jacket", a Molotov cocktail tossed at the music industry, threatening and staunchly confident. "XVIII" track listing: 01. Crucified 02. The Disease, The Decline, The Wasted Time 03. Underneath My Gun 04. Live Again 05. Laid To Waste In The Shit Of Man 06. Oath 07. Spit 08. Picture Perfect 09. Fake Leather Jacket 10. For This I Sacrifice

RADIATION ROMEOS: ‘Radiation Romeos’ Video Released

"Radiation Romeos", the new video from RADIATION ROMEOS, can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's self-titled debut album, which will be released on June 2 via Frontiers Music Srl. RADIATION ROMEOS is a new band formed by Parramore "Perry" McCarty, best known for being the frontman of legendary U.S. metal act WARRIOR and famed BILLY IDOL guitarist Steve Stevens's solo project ATOMIC PLAYBOYS (in fact, the inspiration for the name RADIATION ROMEOS came from a line in the song "Atomic Playboys"). Musically, the band moves in a melodic hard rock direction with solid, metallic edges thanks to the production of Michael Voss (PHANTOM 5, CASANOVA, MICHAEL SCHENKER), who also contributed to the songwriting. In the studio, Parramore sang all vocals with Dag Heyne handling guitars, Jogi Spittka on bass, and Gereon Homann laying down the drum work with gusto! Perry says: "RADIATION ROMEOS started when producer Michael Voss contacted me in San Diego through Facebook. A few days later, we had the record agreement with Frontiers, so the RADIATION ROMEOS album was soon under way. "Our goal was to write great melodic rock songs. The album 'spans the globe' from the title track, power-rockin' 'Radiation Romeos', to some songs with a bit more grit like 'Castaways'. All the way to a beautiful ballad, 'Like An Arrow'. Something for everyone, if you will… "The recording was so much fun and exciting for me. I couldn't wait to get up the following day to work on the next song! "Michael is a wonderfully professional person with endless talent and the musicians super-cool guys and top players!" Parramore McCarty's career in music started when Robbin Crosby of RATT gave him his start singing in cover bands. His first major label album was "Fighting For The Earth" on Virgin Records in 1985 for the legendary heavy metal band WARRIOR. Steve Stevens's ATOMIC PLAYBOYS followed in 1989 on Warner Bros. Records. Then he returned to WARRIOR and also started gigging in the L.A. area with METAL FREQS and MONSTER TRAXX. "Radiation Romeos" track listing: 01. Radiation Romeos 02. Ocean Drive 03. Bad Bad Company 04. Mystic Mountain 05. Like An Arrow 06. Promised Land 07. Castaways 08. Ghost Town 09. Til The End Of Time 10. On The Tight Rope 11. Monstertraxx RADIATION ROMEOS is: Parramore McCarty - vocals Dag Heyne - guitars Jogi Spittka - bass Gereon Homann - drums

PROJECTED Feat. SEVENDUST, ALTER BRIDGE, TREMONTI Members: ‘Ignite My Insanity’ Album Due In July

PROJECTED, the project featuring SEVENDUST members John Connolly (guitar) and Vince Hornsby (bass) alongside ALTER BRIDGE/CREED drummer Scott Phillips and guitarist/vocalist Eric Friedman (a.k.a. E-Rock; TREMONTI), will release its sophomore album, "Ignite My Insanity", on July 21 via Rat Pak Records. The two-disc collection is currently available for pre-order in various configurations at this location. The follow-up to 2012's "Human", "Ignite My Insanity" features twenty-one all-new tracks from PROJECTED and continues to build upon the sound the band established with its debut. It is an album designed to resonate with fans from the members' original projects and guaranteed to garner new fans along the way. From the melodic piano interlude of the opener "Strike" to the raucous ending of closer "Battlestations", the new album takes the listener on a journey inside the minds of the band. Songs like "Six Feet Below", "Gomorrah", "Inhuman" and "Upside Down" are infectious rockers. The first single, "Reload", is a frenetic composition that showcases the musicianship of these accomplished performers. ALTER BRIDGE/TREMONTI songwriter Mark Tremonti co-wrote "Rectify" and "Call Me The Devil" and SEVENDUST's Morgan Rose co-wrote "Concede" with PROJECTED. On the subject of PROJECTED's new record, Connolly comments: "There are four very strong personalities in this band. Everyone has been in the business doing various things, from ALTER BRIDGE to CREED to SEVENDUST to TREMONTI, and it took all those elements and sounds to make this album what it is!" Phillips adds: "We're all part of other bands that we've put our heart and soul and life into and this was just a chance to extend that into somewhat of a different direction." Friedman comments: "When I think PROJECTED, the first words that come to my mind is a very raw and honest band. Things aren't overthought. It's very organic." Hornsby says: "We've been playing so long together, you know it's kinda like a marriage to a certain degree. It really warms my heart to be able to play with my friends and these great musicians." "Ignite My Insanity" track listing: Disc 1 01. Strike 02. Reload 03. Six Feet Below 04. Vain 05. Rectify 06. Faith 07. Gomorrah 08. Heaven Above 09. 10 Years Gone 10. Only Disc 2 01. Fire 02. Ignite 03. Call Me The Devil 04. Concede 05. Inhuman 06. Better 07. Hate You Back 08. Upside Down 09. Seconds 10. Inside The Sun 11. Battlestations

MÖTLEY CRÜE: More ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ 30th-Anniversary Reissue Details Revealed

Iconic Los Angeles rock band MÖTLEY CRÜE celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its fourth studio and four-times-platinum album, "Girls, Girls, Girls", with special album reissue bundles that will be available on August 25 via Pledge Music. Fans can get a jump start on owning the exclusive merchandise today by pre-ordering bundles exclusively at Pledge Music! Various bundles will include, colored vinyl, cassette tape, commemorative poster/lithograph, vintage t-shirt, vinyl test pressings, a limited-edition, numbered drum head, a flexi single of "Wild Side", "Girls, Girls, Girls" patch, and more! The band recently celebrated the thirtieth anniversary on the album’s actual release date – May 15 — with the announcement of the August 25 reissue. MÖTLEY CRÜE paved the way for rock bands to push the envelope since the band's inception and their music, as well as their antics, provided them a successful thirty-six-year career as a leading force in rock around the world. 1987's "Girls, Girls, Girls" included three smash hits, "Wild Side", "You're All I Need" and the title track, which became a global success, despite the original uncensored video being banned from MTV at the time. MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx says: "It's hard to believe 'Girls, Girls, Girls' already turned thirty this year. We went against the grain with this album when it first came out in 1987. The music and lyrics reflect what was going on in the streets of Los Angeles at that time. "A big thank you to all the fans who have made the album stand the test of time. It's really cool to now see a new generation of fans exploring and digging 'Girls, Girls, Girls' three decades later." A trailer for the "Girls Girls Girls" special deluxe edition is available below. A product of the '80s Hollywood Sunset Strip, MÖTLEY CRÜE was the quintessential L.A. hair metal band. Their string of hit albums and crossover songs on radio and MTV was only matched by their over-the-top live show, mounting legal bills, and alarming drug use. By 1987, the band was dancing on a fine line between real life or death. Sixx told the "In The Studio" show what he remembered about the Billboard No. 2-charting album. "We were a mess," he said. "I know we didn't go overseas, because the management said, 'You guys go, and somebody’s not coming back. Or if they do, they're coming back in a body bag... We were operating like a punk band! We were completely out of control." MÖTLEY CRÜE's last studio album was 2008's "Saints Of Los Angeles", which was followed by a 2009 "Greatest Hits" compilation. A tour film about MÖTLEY CRÜE's final shows, "The End", came out last fall, and a film adaptation of the band's 2001 autobiography "The Dirt" is still said to be in the works. Sixx told SiriusXM's "Debatable" about MÖTLEY CRÜE's decision to call it quits after one last show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles following an eighteen-month tour that saw the group performing to packed houses all over the world: "MÖTLEY CRÜE was never really meant to stay together. I mean, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. It was wired like a bunch of Rottweilers or like a gang. And there's all these Type A personalities and different issues within the band that made it really magical. But maturity and that doesn't necessarily work together, and I think that it was kind of cool that we sat down together and said, 'Hey, man, let's just let this thing go.'"

ADEMA’s Reunited Original Lineup Plays First Comeback Show (Video)

The reunited original lineup of the California rock band ADEMA — vocalist Mark Chavez, vocalist/guitarist Tim Fluckey, guitarist Mike Ransom, bassist Dave DeRoo and drummer Kris Kohls — played its first comeback show last night (Wednesday, May 24) at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below. ADEMA is writing material for a new album, to be recorded later in the year. The band previously toured with Chavez in 2010, marking his first run with the group in seven years. He left ADEMA due to "creative differences" in 2004 after two successful albums, "Adema" and "Unstable". The singer — who is the half brother of KORN frontman Jonathan Davis — quit ADEMA again in January 2011 in order to pursue his "solo project." Regarding his original split with ADEMA, Chavez told in a 2010 interview: "I had just had a son, a newborn boy, and he's my little Marky. He's my everything. He's my life. Due to some 'creative differences,' I call it, band members will go through some really crazy things. It was time for me to leave. "I wasn't going to be a jerk and say, 'Oh you know what? I'm taking the band. The band's over for right now.' I said, 'Here, you guys want to find another singer, you can go on with it, go ahead.' So I didn't leave on the greatest of terms. A lot of people were upset. But I don't regret anything. I spent every single day for three years straight raising my son. It has set up my relationship with my child for life now." After Chavez's original exit from ADEMA, the other members of the band found their way with new lead singers Luke Caraccioli and later Bobby Reeves, while Mark founded MIDNIGHT PANIC with his cousin, Peter Shubert. He also produced fellow artists. ADEMA's last release was 2013's "Topple The Giants". The group's first CD since 2007's "Kill The Headlights" contained brand new tracks plus re-worked versions of ADEMA's chart-topping hits "Giving In" and "Unstable".


MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson was recently interviewed by the "Music Mania" podcast. You can now listen to the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On his return to MEGADETH in 2010: Ellefson: "Well, [it was] really important, not just for me but I think just for the, if I could dare call it, the franchise of MEGADETH. Rock bands are kind of a unique little beast in that the songs are as attached to the personalities who wrote 'em and record 'em, and being able to have that experience of going to see… You're not just going to hear a song played at a concert, you're going to watch those people play it. When I was at NAMM, I was in the lobby of the hotel, and Tom Petersson from CHEAP TRICK was there. He does some stuff with Gretsch Guitars, which is part of Fender, and I do stuff with Jackson Guitars, which is part of Fender, so we just had this really cool moment… And I've actually done shows… When I played bass with Ronnie Montrose, we did a couple of shows with CHEAP TRICK, and I've kind of known them a little bit over the years. But it's just kind of interesting how… Tom, I used to learn his songs growing up, and there's a season when he wasn't in CHEAP TRICK, and, quite honestly, my interest waned in CHEAP TRICK. Now that he's back in the band, he is a… Rick Nielsen, I think, is the main songwriter of CHEAP TRICK, but Tom's playing his part and him being there, it's part of the blueprint of the band. And I think that's what happens when you get to see, I guess in our case, MEGADETH, me and Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH leader], from the very beginning, you get to see us there… We've reached this point in our career where us being together on that stage and in the studio and working together, it's a visual, it's audio, it's all part of the thing that you really… that is the nucleus of it. I just think it's cool for just the whole experience for everybody all around." On his relationship with Dave Mustaine, both onstage and offstage: Ellefson: "I'll tell you, onstage, there's no one I'd rather be onstage with than Dave, because that guy totally has control of the venue and he's got control of the audience, he's got control… He can shut down a fifty-thousand-capacity audience in one… All he's gotta do is stop playing and people know he's pissed. All of a sudden, it's, like, 'Oh, shit. We pissed Dave off. Oh-ho.' [Laughs] You know what I mean? And it's been like that from the very first shows we did up in San Francisco back in 1984. I very much felt like, man, Dave is fearless on stage and he's at home on stage; that's really where you see the essence of him and you just feel his presence, and he's a commanding leader. And, quite honestly, the audience loves that — the audience wants to be led, they want to know someone's in command, and he's in command in the live show. So that's a beautiful thing. And then creatively and in the studio, [MEGADETH's latest album] 'Dystopia' really, quite honestly, wasn't much different than making 'Peace Sells' or maybe some of the earlier records. Dave very much has a very… he's got his hand on the creative process, and he knows… When he hears something in his head, he knows what it's gonna sound like later on, and that's a gift that I don't see a lot of people have. I know sometimes musicians sit around, they play a lot, they practice a lot, they'll continually hone and work on things. And Dave's a guy, he plays what he hears, he doesn't hear what he plays. And that's a different… He's a begin-with-the-end-in-mind kind of guy, and as a result, MEGADETH has had a… I guess part of the reason the band's been able to stay together, quite honestly, is because there was this vision cast from the very beginning, and every day we're together as MEGADETH, we are executing what that vision was back in 1983." MEGADETH has spent more than a year on the road promoting "Dystopia", which arrived in January 2016. The group is currently scheduled to head back out on tour in June and July with MESHUGGAH, TESSERACT and LILLAKE. SCORPIONS' "Crazy World" tour with MEGADETH will kick off on September 14 in Reading, Pennsylvania and run through October 15 in Tampa, Florida.